Father Virgilio: A Reflection

Father Virgilio: A Reflection April 21, 2016

On March 30 of this year, Oblate School of Theology organized a memorial vespers service for Fr. Virgilio Elizondo.  Oblate’s Dean invited me to offer a reflection during the service because I was one of Fr. Virgil’s students at Notre Dame.  I was also his teaching assistant.  America Magazine published the reflection online.

Stained-glass window of Christ at Oblate School of Theology’s Immaculate Conception chapel. Picture by Victor Carmona.

The day after Father Virgilio Elizondo died, a close friend wrote to me saying that he was the spark that brought us together. As we can see tonight, that rings true. We are Fr. Virgilio’s friends and his death has shaken many of us. We will never understand why he took his own life. Janie Dillard, a close friend of his, said that Fr. Virgilio died of a broken heart. That also rings true. With other friends I find solace and hope when I look back at the man whose life continues to be a blessing to many.

Though hard, writing the reflection helped me find solace and hope.  I hope it is of help to others, too.  To read the rest of the reflection, please click here.

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