Kickstarting the Emergent Conversation

Kickstarting the Emergent Conversation February 23, 2012

For a long time, the emergent conversation has been labeled and criticized (to some degree, rightly) as a mostly white male phenomenon. Thankfully, that is not the reality on the ground any longer. Over the years, the conversation has become much more diverse — racially, ethnically, socio-politically, as well as theologically. But that story hasn’t really been told, and so the movement (heck, let’s call it a movement) still is seen by some as not relevant to them or not relevant at all because of its perceived persistent homogeneity.

Well, there’s a very promising new documentary film project that’s just getting off the ground, which promises to shine a spotlight on some of the more diverse voices in the conversation. I want to tell you about it so that you and I can help make it a reality. The film is called Anything Less Would Be Uncivilized, and the filmmakers are Alex Bowens and Tim Kennedy. Watch this preview:

My friends Brian McLaren and Glenn Zuber are both featured in the documentary, which I’m very excited about. But it’s the broader range of people that the filmmakers have chosen to interview that really has me intrigued.

They’re trying to raise a lot of money — $35,000 — via a Kickstarter campaign, in order to do post-production, marketing, etc. As of this writing, they’ve received a little more than $2,200 in pledges, or 6% of the total for the campaign.

I want to ask anyone who cares about seeing this conversation expand and bring new, more diverse voices into the forefront to please become a backer — for $25 you’ll get a digital download of the film when it’s completed or for $50 you’ll get a copy of it on DVD. At the very least, become a fan of the film on Facebook and tell others about it (who might then become backers).

These are important stories that need to be told and important voices that need to be heard. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this project.

The all-or-nothing Kickstarter fundraising campaign ends Sunday, March 18. Become a backer!

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  • This post appears to be asking all those who ‘care about’ seeing this conversation ‘expand’ and ‘diversity’ to invest in thsi important film project. But perhaps those who have been marginalised in the conversation to date aren’t those with either the financial or the social capital to get this important film project kickstarted? So why not specifically ask those who have previously dominated the conversation to invest? Those whose voices have already been heard (those who have written books, produced other resources, and been invited to speak etc) are surely in some of the best places to support it.

  • Katharine, I think everyone has some kind of social capital, so at the very least I hope everyone would click “Like” on Facebook or share the link to this post or the Kickstarter campaign via email, Twitter, Google Plus, whatever. At the very least. And for those of us who do have financial resources AND social capital, yes, I hope we will all step up to see this film project become a reality.

  • Hi Steve, yeah, I’ve *liked* and *tweeted* All I can do, I’m afraid. But this project looks really good. I’m also keen to know whether there’ll be discussion resources released with it? Something to encourage dialogue about the film at or after local showings etc? Do you know?

    • That’s a great question, Katharine. I don’t know, but I’ll see what I can find out!