Passover and Communion

Passover and Communion April 5, 2012

As I prepare to celebrate this meal tonight, remembering an upper room two thousand years ago, I am gifted by a much older tradition. As I recall Jesus gathering with friends around a table to celebrate the Passover, I am reminded that their ancestors had already been celebrating G-d’s liberation from slavery for more than a thousand years.

The Holy One liberates us from all kinds of slavery – slavery in Egypt, slavery to sin, slavery of our bodies, minds and spirits to patterns and systems that are deadening to us personally, communally, globally. Remembering these stories calls us to seek liberation for ourselves and one another – again, today, now. Love leads us into life!

Gifts of G-d for the people of G-d

When I go to the table, I am grateful for my spouse’s Jewish tradition. The more I learn about his faith, the deeper sense I have of my own. This is a holy gift.

Pesach Shalom and Easter Blessings!


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