Sexual Addiction: an insider story

Sexual Addiction: an insider story October 3, 2012

Today on my Radio Show I talked with TC Ryan about his book Ashamed No More: A pastors journey through sexual addiction.

In the book Tom gives an insider understanding the issues facing not only pastors but anyone struggling with addiction.

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Here is part 1 of the conversation:

Here is part 2 of the conversation.

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  • Evelyn

    Thank you for hosting this radio show on a very sensitive issue. However, I think the fact that TC won’t fess up to the details of what he did is a cop-out. There is a big difference between guy a) who get’s into phone sex and internet pornography and feels a ashamed and angry about it (i.e. TC) and guy b) who couples sex addiction with alcoholism, visits strip-clubs, hires prostitutes and comes home and beats his wife when she tells him to take a shower before he comes home. Yes, a sin is a sin but sometimes there is just too much water under the bridge for a wife to forgive. He does spouses of more serious sex addicts a disservice in speaking about how great his wife was about it when there are women who have put up with much much more. I can imagine the recovery process is different for the more physical types of sex addicts as well. To lump all sex addicts under his somewhat lame idea of sex addiction doesn’t really address the problem fully.

  • Nice title i really want to say few words about sexual addiction because most of the people think that sex is the first addiction and then the food it depends on us what we choose if we choose healthy food than it will be so beneficial for us if we choose sex then it will be harmful for our health.

  • Anonymous Person

    Having a daily Mantra that you practice & commit too, through daily sacrifice and discipline-everyday to help with sex addiction can be invaluable.

    There are many self help groups, therapies, CD’s, and books that can offer support, encouragement, and be very helpful. But nothing or no one is going to help you like you can help yourself.

    The best help is ‘Within’ You! A daily mantra that helps you daily can be most effective in facing ones sex addiction Head on! May I suggest a book to do just that…

    Ps…A great book to help you with sex addiction is called ‘The Masseur’ at (There is also a CD that goes along with that book too!)

    Pss… Don’t forget proper nourishment as well. At www . LuLu . com if you type in Eating Practice you will see a FREE Eating Practice Booklet Download for free. I highly recommend that you check this out too!:):)