Speak Out & Defend Net Neutrality

Speak Out & Defend Net Neutrality February 10, 2015

FB Graphic Net NeutralityWe at Transform are working on defending net neutrality because we really see it as an important civil rights issue.

Can you please take a couple minutes to read the script below into your web cam?

This would be a great thing to blog about this month as well. Congress votes on this issue on the 26th.

Recording the video is easy:
Click here to record directly to YouTube:

You will need to log in to your YourTube/Gmail account.  The video will record and will be loaded to your YouTube page. Then Copy the url to the video and submit it on the Create a Video Testimonial page at


The Internet is a space where each of us has an equal voice – no matter the color of our skin or size of our wallets or content of our beliefs – to express ourselves, learn new things, innovate, organize, and connect with one another. It has been  powerful medium for me to [describe how you use the Internet; for example, “share messages of love and faith and to mobilize our community”].  For example, [briefly describe a circumstance in which your work was made possible by the Internet.]

Right now, Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon are fighting for the power to block, slow down, or charge fees that create fast lanes and slow lanes online. That means that those who pay will be in the fast lane, leaving the rest of us in the slow lane.

The Internet must remain a level playing field for all of us. That’s why I’m calling upon our lawmakers to protect the future of the open Internet for all of us.

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