Review of “Exodus: Gods and Kings”

Review of “Exodus: Gods and Kings” December 13, 2014


Went to see “Exodus” today.
My review:
–Worst movie biblical theophany EVER! God as petulant 10-year old simply doesn’t work … at any level.
–Christian Bale mumbling = best depiction of Moses being “slow of speech and of tongue” (Ex 4:10) EVER! (That was intentional, wasn’t it?)

–Christian Bale beard = worst Moses beard EVER!
–John Turturro as pharaoh Seti = worst casting decision EVER!
–Great special effects and production values. Chariots were cool. However, everything was WAY to huge.
–Many gross anachronism = bedouins drinking tea from a bedouin tea pot. Really? With a budget of tens of millions, why can they spend a few thousand to hire a historical consultant. (I’m available, hint, hint!)
–they got the arms and armor alright (but should be bronze not iron); military tactics, not so much (cavalry charges were only 500 years too early).
–It was worth watching; fun, but by no means a great movie.


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