Philip Jenkins on Book of Mormon Historicity

Philip Jenkins, a scholar I admire, has been critiquing Book of Mormon historicity on his blog.  See: to say, I believe he both misses the point(s), and is seriously mistaken and uninformed on a number of issues.  (My suspicion is that his LDS informants were of the liberal persuasion.)  I may take up re … [Read more...]

Does Historicity Matter?

The ever insightful Neal Rappleye … [Read more...]

“Not a Divine Product”

On his blog David Bokovoy suggest that Latter-day Saints should adopt the views of Marcus Borg on the nature of the Bible in order to "save the Bible."  (One is reminded of the famous (though largely mythical) incident at at Ben Tre during the Vietnam War where the army "had to destroy a town to save it.")  He lists four specific claims made by Borg.  (I believe these quotations given below are David's words summarizing Borg's position.)  I'll give a brief response here.* The Bible is the pro … [Read more...]

Should we Assimilate?

In his latest blog David Bokovoy suggests that resistance is futile, and we should assimilate to the Borg.  Not Locutus, but Marcus.David believes Latter-Day Saints should adopt Marcus Borg's perspectives on Jesus and the New Testament.  Remembering that the essential component of Borg's position is that does not believe that Jesus is the Son of God, nor does he accept the historicity of the resurrection, it leads one to wonder if David would have the LDS Church move in that direction as wel … [Read more...]

Tree veneration in India and the Bible

The latest Hamblin-Peterson Deseret News Column "Tree veneration in India and the Bible"  Be sure to look at the attached photos for examples. … [Read more...]

New Director at the Maxwell Institute?

Rumor has it--and it is only rumor--that Jerry Bradford will be stepping down as director of the Maxwell Institute at the end of the summer.  The BYU administration is selecting a committee to chose his successor. … [Read more...]

Challenge Refused

Twelve days ago I issued a challenge to critics of John Gee's review of Paul Owen's recent article on the Book of Mormon.  At that time I asked: Is there anyone besides Paul Owen—Mormon, non-Mormon, or anti-Mormon—who accepts Owen’s theory and explanation for the origin of the Book of Mormon?So far no one has responded to the challenge.  Of course I don't read everything written on the Mormon Blogosphere (God help me!), so there may be someone out that that believes Owen's theory is the best … [Read more...]

Deseret News Column: Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi

This week's Hamblin-Peterson Deseret News Column focuses on what could be called the contemporary "Islamic Renaissance" occurring in parts of the Muslim world.   Be sure to check the photos as well. … [Read more...]

The Real Issue on Paul Owen and the Maxwell Institute

John Gee recently published a critique of Paul Owen's "Theological Apostasy and the Role of Canonical Scripture: A Thematic Analysis of 1 Nephi 13-14," Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 23 (2014) Maxwell Institute was concerned enough to publish two rejoinders to Gee (despite the fact that Gee works for the In … [Read more...]

Historical Criticism and Historicity

I'm off traveling for a while, and will have intermittent internet access, and time for blogging. For some photos, see: However, a delayed flight in Frankfurt (with 24 hours without sleep and counting), gives me a chance to opine a bit.  David Bokovoy continues his rather idiosyncratic discussion of the question of historicity here.  Again, I think he is missing (or obfuscating?) the point. Historical criticism is literary methodology which is fundamentally … [Read more...]