Ritual Center in Israel

A 5000 year old (probable) sacred monumental site has been discovered in Israel.  … [Read more...]

Temple 9: Column as Ascent


Columns in antiquity often had a symbolic connotation of ascent into or connection with the heavens; many Roman examples exist, often associated with the apotheosis/deification of an emperor.  This 19th Catholic column was erected to commemoration the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and symbolizes her exaltation as the Queen of Heaven crowned with stars (Revelation 12:1–3).(Near the Church of the Trinity of the Mountains (Trinita dei Monti) near Piazza di Spagna, Ro … [Read more...]

Mysticism and Esotericism 5: Orphism and Pythagoreanism

Class 5: A discussion of the origins of Orphism, Pythagoreanism, and their latter impact on esotericism. Introduction to the Esoteric revolution in Florence in the 15th century by the introduction of Hermeticism. … [Read more...]

Temple 8: Altar of Peace


Augustus' Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace) created to honor the gods for restoring peace by granting Augustus victory in the great civil wars. What is visible here is the outer wall of the altar (decorated with sacrificial symbols and scenes); the altar itself is inside the doorway. This would be roughly the dimensions of the Solomonic altar.  (Rome, Italy) … [Read more...]

Mysticism and Esotericism notes

For those who are following the videos of my class on "Mysticism and Esotericism," the notes, bibliographies, etc. are being posted on a class blog, which you can access or follow.http://hamblinhistory485.wordpress.com … [Read more...]

Mysticism and Esotericism 4: Esoteric and Mystery Religions

Lecture 41- Origins and nature of Esotericism2- esoteric Mystery Religions of Greece and Rome … [Read more...]

Mysticism and Esotericism 3: What is Mysticism (pt. 2)

Third lecture exploring different views of mysticism … [Read more...]

Temple 7: Bull Sacrifice


Roman mural depicting of a bull (wearing crown and garlands) being brought to the sacrificial altar before the Capitoline temple of Jupiter by two priests.  (Roman priests in the act of bull sacrifice are generally depicted as shirtless.)  It is worth noting that priests who daily were involved in the movement, sacrifice and butchering of bulls and sheep would have had a physique more like a cowboy than a librarian.   (Displayed in the Ara Pacis museum, Rome.) … [Read more...]

Mysticism Class 2: What is Mysticism (pt. 1)

A discussion of the range of meanings to the term Mysticism (part 1) … [Read more...]

Book of Mormon Conference

Sponsored by the "Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum" (BMAF) on Saturday, 18 Oct, 2014.  For details see their web page or Facebook page. … [Read more...]