Jenkins 27: Bigfoot?

Jenkins 27: Bigfoot? July 23, 2015

Here’s more from Jenkins.  I suspect he’s trying to be funny.  My comments are in blue.

If you merely want to passively disbelieve in Bigfoot, or even publicly state that you disbelieve in Bigfoot, then you certainly don’t need pay any attention to the topic or the specifics of their claims.

However, if I were going to write a book, article, or blog, or engage in a public debate about the existence of Bigfoot, I, personally, feel that my intellectual integrity would compel me to actually read what they claim.  I guess that’s just a strange quirk I have.


Hi Bill,

Can you help with a problem absolutely and totally unrelated to Book of Mormon issues?

I’d like to discuss the idea of Bigfoot (Sasquatch) with you. Now, we obviously can’t discuss this properly before you have read everything in the field, which would be probably a hundred or so books, not to mention a few thousand magazine articles. However, to be fair-minded and comprehensive, I know you’ll want to read every page of everything that is written before you are able to express an opinion on this vital question of the day. Read first, opine later!

Oh, and there are also tons of videos to work through.

So if I send you a bibliography of Bigfoot studies, you will read it exhaustively? Then we can have a frank and honest discussion, based on real substance. Don’t tell me you won’t take the time to read!

Of course, it is also possible that you will think the whole idea is drivel, and you have better ways of using your valuable time. That prejudice might change if someone could cite one plausible or credible bit of evidence supporting the existence of Bigfoot, but you probably haven’t seen one yet. So frankly, why bother, eh?

Now, let’s return to the question of me plowing my way through the entire literature of Ancient Book of Mormon Fantasies before we can have a serious discussion….

Looking forward to our discussion!


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