3 Ways to Honor Dad This Father’s Day

3 Ways to Honor Dad This Father’s Day June 14, 2023

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I’ve heard it said that the way we view our earthly fathers has a tremendous impact on the way we view our Heavenly Father. Whether your earthly father was warm, welcoming and loving or cold, distant and uncaring, you’re likely to view God this way too.

This isn’t merely true of our biological fathers, either. All the men in our life (our grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, pastors, Sunday School teachers, husbands, brothers and friends…) can have a profound impact on the way we see God.

Personally, I’ve learned so much about God’s infinite love, tender compassion and unbridled joy simply by watching my husband be a father to our three children. When I see how he lovingly instructs them, cares for them and delights over them, it provides a clear picture of how God delights over me (and you!) as well.

This Father’s Day, as we celebrate the fathers in our lives, let’s celebrate who they are and the important lessons they’ve taught us. And let’s not keep these celebrations to ourselves, but let’s find ways to truly honor them for what they’ve done.

Here are three ways we can honor the dads in our lives this Father’s Day.

1. You Can Honor Dad by Praying for Him

I have zero experience being a dad, but if it’s anything like being a mom, I have to assume it’s hard work!

I’m sure it’s not easy to lead a family, feel the pressure to provide, receive pushback from a wife who doesn’t always agree and constantly question if you’re making the right choices. It also doesn’t help that dads always don’t have the level of support and help that we moms can often find through Facebook groups, mom’s groups and more.

Whether they realize it or not, the dads in our lives have tremendous influence, and this is why they need our prayers.

We can honor the dads in our lives by praying that they will always put God first in their lives, walk in righteousness and have the wisdom to make wise choices. And we can pray that they will have strength, clarity, wisdom and success as they walk in God’s calling for their lives.

2. You Can Honor Dad by Sharing How He’s Impacted You

If your father, grandfather, stepfather or another father figure has had a tremendous impact on your life, have you shared this with him? If not, Father’s Day is the perfect time to let the father figures in your life know how they’ve impacted you.

Was your grandpa your biggest cheerleader as you tried to discover and live out your unique spiritual gifts? Did your dad model impressive generosity through consistently tithing even when money was tight? Did your stepfather spend hours listening to you pour out your heart over the high school heartbreak you thought you’d never make it through?

If so, tell him what his actions or words meant to you and how they are still impacting you to this day.

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3. You Can Honor Dad by Seeking His Wisdom and Advice

Proverbs 23:22 offers us this instruction: “Listen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old.”

This proverb doesn’t only apply to young children but to adults as well.

Chances are, your dad, stepdad and grandpa have had life experiences you haven’t had. They’ve been alive longer than you, and as a result, they’ve likely earned experience, knowledge and wisdom that would benefit you today.

Rather than trying to figure everything out yourself or only looking for answers from books, the internet, or friends, why not ask the father figure in your life for his wisdom or advice? Not only is this incredibly flattering and honoring, but he just may have valuable advice or perspective you hadn’t yet considered.

Being a dad isn’t easy. This Father’s Day, why not seek to honor the dads who have gone above and beyond in your life through prayer, sharing their impact, or seeking their wisdom or advice? You just might find that both of your lives are better when you do.

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