Pope Francis–Don’t Be A Litterbug!

Pope Francis–Don’t Be A Litterbug! November 16, 2019


Pope Francis Wants to Include Ecological Sins in Catechism

At an international conference of lawyers last week, the Pope put forth his contention that a new edition of the Catechism would be including a new category of sins, titled “ecological sins”.  Already, across the internet, the RadTrad’s hatred of this pope spilled over into invective about another ‘liberal’ outreach by this pontiff.  As if that wasn’t enough to get their blood pressure rising, the Pope also, in his address, made an off the cuff remark that speeches against Jews, gypsies, and those of homosexual orientation sounded like some of Hitler’s addresses.  Church Militant–the premier RadTrad site interpreted that reasonable concern for marginalized people as an authorization and legitimization of  the gay lifestyle, and heaped more hatred on the Pope.  But back to the ecological stuff.

Remember “Don’t be a Litterbug” Campaign?

When I was a kid, the most persuasive commercials ever to change me were the ‘Keep America Beautiful’ ads that stressed cleaning our environment by not being a litterbug.  “Don’t be a litterbug,” said the ads, “because every litter bit hurts!”  It was a change in my whole life that I practice still today.  If I drop the tiniest piece of paper, I pick it up.  And I know I’m not alone because we have a clean country.  Go traveling worldwide sometime and you’ll see what I mean.  Many of the other countries of the world dump tons of garbage on the roadside.  Not us.

This is the Pope’s Version of the Same Campaign

The Pope’s ecological sin push is his “Don’t be a litterbug” campaign.  A close reading of what he is talking about including in the Catechism shows no hint of Climate Change dogmatism and no bowing down to the climate change freaks.  He does talk about the polluting of our environment by big corporations and our human obligation to be stewards of creation.  Framing this moral question in this manner is a great idea.  Catholics have always been on the forefront of environmental preservation and stewardship. What the Pope is suggesting is nothing new; he simply is codifying Catholic Environmental Stewardship in the Catechism.

Not Another Example of the Pope’s So-Called Liberalism

RadTrads and all those who think the Pope is trying to push a secular dogma upon us–stop it!  Ecological sins are just as important as other sins.  This earth is all we have.  Let’s keep it as pristine and beautiful as possible so the Scriptural promise of a new heavens and a new earth make us want to look forward to an even more beautiful eternity, rather than an ugly earth conjuring up an eternal cesspool.

I’ve upset the RadTrads lately.  Please if you print this and throw it away as garbage, don’t throw it on the ground–that would be a sin–throw it in the circular file, because every litter bit hurts!

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  • I saw a LifeSiteNews article on the subject. Apparently, “top Catholic thinkers” had told them ecological sins were not possible. I would hate to break it to them (I cannot, anyway, because they banned me), but the Pope is the “top Catholic thinker”. Shaking my head.

    Incidentally, let us not forget that, in Laudato si, Pope Francis described climate change as “one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day”.

  • Maggie Sullivan

    Not many people in this world leave the massive carbon foot print that Pope Francis does.
    All of his trips and HUGE entourage are very destructive to the environment.

    But Francis has given us the answer.

    We should accompany polluters and build bridges to them, not being like doctors of the law or rigid Catholics concerned with doctrine.
    Of course we should never breed like rabbits and inviting the leading population control and pro-abortion experts to the Vatican to formulate policy will help us cut down those polluting children the United Nations has warned us about. And of course Francis has told us to obey the United Nations.

    Last but most effective of all we can have some pride Masses for polluters so those who pollute can take pride in polluting.

  • NegligentCoincedence

    The pope confuses worshiping creation in place of the creator. A grave sin.

  • Prove that he “worships” anything other than God in the CATHOLIC sense of the term “worship,” please. Reverence and worship are quite different things, which Catholics, of all people (constantly accused of “worshipping” Mary) should be acutely aware of.

  • Etranger

    The Pope’s underlying message about the toning down of hate rhetoric is excellent and obviously aligns with Catholic teaching. It is confusing, however, to hear him issue it like he does. I think he specified “government officials” in his statement so that he would not include himself and his bishops in the group of offenders. He and his bishops make extremely hateful statements about LGBT folks all the time. I guess that is not nazi-like though…

  • St JD George

    Why do you think exorcists are calling for a national day of prayer and repentance on Dec 6th? They more plainly see than you that demons were summoned during the synod. I can not say what was intentional vs. that which was from ignorance of course, but plenty of commentators who know better have expressed their shock and dismay.

  • St JD George

    Also typical of confusion he also said that the church does not know so much about the science and only encourages people who do to discuss. I can’t figure out what the real direction is with so much uncertainty. I will however to be as good a steward as possible in the mean time.

  • You mean those 4 anti-Francis priests who are too afraid of their own convictions to identify themselves? Who cares what they think? Besides, as a Byzantine Catholic, I’ll already be practicing prayer, repentance, and fasting on that Friday, as well as on every Wednesday and Friday of the year. Why aren’t you?

  • St JD George

    I’m glad you are in full communion. Who knows, perhaps all the stories of retaliation for not being in sync have some worried about their personal or vocational safety, or so I’ve heard. I care what they think for one, and I am not alone as much of the Catholic world seems in shock still at what passes for normalcy in Rome these days. Many have said that the acceptance or and practice of sodomy is as bad as they’ve ever seen it in their lifetimes. I hope you include those who are possessed and sodomize their fellow man in your prayers that their demons be exorcised. I pray regularly, am repentant and fast every day, why would I assume I don’t with that snarky little comment at the end? Are you that uncharitable, really?

  • Yes, I’m in full communion with the Church, under its current Pope, Francis. Therefore, I’m not going to join in any activity which is obviously meant to publicly rebuke and/or humiliate him, as this so obviously is.

  • The circular file is also an ecological sin, unless you have a garbage burning plant in your area.

  • Actually, I’m having trouble believing the Pope still worships Jesus Christ after declaring that worship of Christ is unnecessary because “God wills a diversity of religions”. I think he’s WAY more polythesitic than any Marian devote I know of.

  • Eric Barr

    It is truly a sign of the strangeness of our times that a Pope who asks us to respect nature is seen as a heretic. Lighten up you critics! And go take a walk in the woods. it will do you good.


    The lib-lover strikes again. Attempting to create heresy where there isn’t any so they can keep the heresy they like.


    This article is obviously a hit piece/rebuke of so called “Rad Trads,” too. Would that charity were applied to all and not the select few.


    Stranger still is a cleric who insists on fomenting fake heresies.

    Lighten up you critic! Lead by example for a change. And go walk in the woods. It’ll do you good, but only if you don’t pretend you won’t have to answer for your own sketchy performance.