Paul Ryan Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed, But Nancy Pelosi Should

Paul Ryan Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed, But Nancy Pelosi Should February 5, 2018

Remember last week when Nancy Pelosi called $1,000 or more extra income a year “crumbs”? It was maybe the most elitist thing she’s ever said. To a multi-millionaire, that isn’t much — but to an average American family, it can mean something big. They can save more, invest it, start paying something off — it matters. The comment was absolutely appalling and honestly, should have been headline news. Why wasn’t Chris Cuomo on CNN drilling her about it? If he did, I missed it.

Then, this weekend, House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted something out about a woman who was making an extra $1.50 per paycheck — and noted that it would cover her Costco membership for the year. I admit, when I first saw the tweet, I thought it was a parody account making fun of Republicans. No, it isn’t much, but it’s not nothing and I actually saw the woman on an interview this weekend. She seemed upset by the fact that her small raise had made the news and said she hadn’t intended to be political about it.

It was worse for Ryan to delete the tweet because it appeared he was embarrassed by it. I get it, it’s not the best example — and there are plenty of really good ones out there — but it also wasn’t something to be ashamed of. The woman who submitted it was happy to see a slight increase and glad to share. Why are Democrats acting like this is something to be ashamed of?

As my friend Lyndsey noted, the Ryan tweet made the “trending” section on Facebook, while the Pelosi “crumbs” comment did not.

And as my friend Guy Benson noted:

Something like 90% of people are seeing in an increase in their paychecks starting this month. That’s GOOD news that should be bipartisanly celebrated. Anyone who wants to give more to the government is free to make a donation. It’s a good thing to let people keep more of their money so they can provide for their families in the way they see fit. I’m not against taxes but I am for an economy that moves and empowers the people, not the government.

The fact that the Left is pouncing on this Paul Ryan tweet like it’s proof that tax cuts are a sham really makes my blood boil. Why don’t you get out there and talk to some everyday Americans who are happy to see more money in their paychecks or glad they received that holiday bonus? If nothing else, it makes the Dems seem out-of-touch — and I guess in the end, that doesn’t work well in their favor.

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