How many Death Goddesses Does One Need??

How many Death Goddesses Does One Need?? September 11, 2023

Death Goddesses

In my experience, each Deity, including the various Death Goddesses, play a very specific role along my path and in my life. They still possess all the other aspects of the Death pattern, and have more lessons than just the ones I get from Them – but my connection to Them and what we work on together is personal for me.

When this last one started to become present though, the question of how many does one need jokingly went through my mind.

In a society where “one and done” seems to be a common theme, the thought of multiple Deities over one Domain can seem redundant. Even culture to culture, yes there are differences, but the core Domain itself still encompasses all the same information. So you would assume that one could cover all the aspects.

Perhaps that is the case for some. Maybe they can connect to just one Deity of a certain domain and work with just that one Deity through all the lessons and understandings of that domain, but I am obviously not one of them.

Different Deities – Same Domain

Every tradition/ religion has their own interpretation of Deities and Guides that are connected to specific Domains. That particular Deity has been shaped by the culture of the people who it originally belongs to and the cultures/ people who they blended with over time.

As modes of communication increased first through books and then the internet, the blending and merging aspects increased. We started to see the similarities more, and thus seeing a bigger picture of Domain/ Pattern these Deities are connected to. People started associating their single Deity with the full lessons and aspects of that Domain/Pattern. I am not here to debate if this is a good or bad approach – but my personal experience has been very different.

The Pattern of Death

The Domain or Pattern of Death is huge. It incorporates every aspect of Death, from the small day-to-day losses and changes, to the physical act of dying. It overlaps the Patterns of Birth and Life on the larger macro scale, which adds more perspective and aspects to the lessons and actions of Death.

The Deities I have worked closely with in this pattern have very specific roles, or Domains, within the scope of it.

The Morrigan

The Morrigan was primarily focused on Foundations and Skills needed in Death work. This included things such as personal foundation building, boundaries, understanding perspective within dualities, and all the self core work. Moving into specific skills such as building strong bonds with entities/ spirits, trance/ channeling/ divination, spirit walking, and placing checks within my practices to ensure clear and confirmed communication.

The work was long and challenging, but it also was exactly what I needed in order to advance in my own practices and spirituality. Her personality was also exactly the one I needed to get through that work effectively. She was very up front and blunt, never sugar coating or coddling me, but also very patient and understanding through the process.

Goddess Hel

The Goddess Hel on the other hand is primarily focused on communication and working with the dead and the ancestral soul. There are many components that go into that kind of work, but that work is centered around those two aspects. Taking the skills I learned with The Morrigan, going deeper into them and further development of them.

Santa Muerte

Now there is Santa Muerte. I am not sure exactly what is in store for me there, what skills or aspects She will be focusing on, or what any of that is going to look like yet. I do have a lingering thought though – The other two Deities were more focused on me and my personal growth, but not so much all the other aspects of my physical life. It is not like They didn’t help or take my societal life into consideration, but it definitely wasn’t a focus.

The more I learn about Santa Muerte, the more She seems to take on Fates like aspects. The Fates that move and shape the physical world and deal in our lives within the physical/ societal aspects. It is not all who She is, but it is definitely a large role She seems to play in the lives of Her devotees. I had been secretly wishing for many years for a Deity that would take a deeper interest in my life beyond the self and spiritual aspects, but it was not something I actively looked for. I have no idea if that is why Santa Muerte is showing up, and only time will tell, but a small part of me is hopeful.

As you can see, each is a Death Goddess, but the roles They have played in my life and the lessons They focused on were very specific to each. For me this works well. It allowed me a clear path and to know which to go to depending on what I needed/ the work I needed to accomplish. Did this happen because my personality works better with that kind of set up – Or do Deities have specific specialties within the larger patterns They are connected to? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this.

Our Personal Path

Yes, some may think my experience is strange. To have multiple Deities that are all connected to one pattern – the pattern of Death/ Rebirth. It has been highly effective for me though. In the end I think that is what is most important. That the Deities/ Guides we connect to are effective for our path, our work, and our growth. How we connect to these Deities, what we learn through Their guidance, and how we apply those knowledge and skills are going to be personal for us.

The past year, and especially the past couple of months, have had massive changes for me personally in this. The Morrigan exited because our work together was done. There was deep grief there that I had to work through because I had walked with Her for so long. It literally felt like grieving a death of a loved one. I still feel the loss of the incredible bond we had and Her strong presence of feeling. I am letting go with gratitude and love though. I am deeply grateful for the time we had and I know when my death comes I will see Her again.

The Goddess Hel has moved into that center role of my community work. Sharing my own experiences, skills, and lessons She has taught me over the years. Helping others to develop the skills of spirit walking and Death Doula work to serve our larger community (Death’s Emissary course). Diving deeper into the concept of the soul, the ancestral soul, and accessing the memories we carry within us from those who came before us.

Now a new and unexpected Deity entering my life – in the middle of all of these other changes. Something that wasn’t even on my radar, but I have learned there is always reason and to just flow with it. A part of me feels overwhelmed by all the changes and work on my plate now – The other part of me is excited and looking forward with wonder as to what direction I will be taking next in my own personal practices.

Life is getting busy – it is getting interesting – and I am welcoming it all with open arms, with love, and with gratitude for each Guide that I have the privilege to connect to and know.

Author, Spirit Walker, Seeker, Guide. You are building your own path, your own connections, and shaping your own destiny. We can inspire others through sharing - we can Guide through our own experiences - but each of us must walk our own path. You can read more about the author here.

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