Fun Witchy Things to Do in October

Fun Witchy Things to Do in October October 1, 2023

October is where I tend to see an uptick in the interest in witchcraft and spirit work from people in general, and where people in general tend to feel a little more witchy. With that in mind I thought I’d change the pace and share some simple and fun magic for the season!

What is a Blue Moon

Make Spirit Water – Oil – Candle

From now till Friday, October 13th we are in the space of the waning moon. Heading into the darker phase, a space of reflection, and a wonderful time to create a Spirit Water/ Oil and candle!

What you will need: an air tight container (mason jar, pickle jar, or whatever you have on hand – glass is best), olive oil if you want to make an oil instead of water, and rose petals or water/ or you can choose lavender, and a white candle (tea light, birthday, small taper).

Combine the ingredients into the jar/ container. Once combined hold the jar in your hands and speak directly to the liquid inside. It could be something like what is below, or create your own instructions:

“Blend together in the shadow of the moon,

Awaken my spirit, and bring me the power,

To call to the spirits at my chosen hour.

Let them hear and follow my voice,

To commune and communicate with those of my choice.”

Put it out in the moonlight for at least 3 nights in a row – speaking to it each time before you set it out. The longer you go, the stronger it becomes. It is good to stay within the cycle of the waning moon though.

Once it is finished, anoint the candle and yourself with it. Light it in a dark room/space, and call forth the spirits!

Season of the Witch Mabon Oracle

Oracle Contemplation

You can do this with oracle or tarot cards.

Grab your morning, teas, coffee, or drink and your deck. Spend a little time shuffling them and then say “What should I explore today?” or “What should I think deeper about today?” Shuffle a couple of more times, and draw a card.

As you drink your morning drink, look at and think about the card you drew. Its meaning, but also what type of emotions and concepts does it incorporate. Throughout the day keep reflecting back to it and pondering deeper ideas and concepts of it.

Generally people do a similar act around what energy is at the forefront of the day, or energy around the day, but with this it is just about going deeper into thought.

Thinking about how this energy plays out in your life in general – Where does it tend to show up – What actions do you associate with it – What are your struggles or aversions in it – What is the positive and beauty of it – What are some different perspectives within it – How can you shift and alter it to your favor? These are just some examples to help give you an idea of what kind of focus to be looking at.

Wishing Spell (Acorns)

This one is super simple and only requires you and an acorn. Think about some type of realistic wish that you want to come true (sorry, I do not think flying is on the table here). Go out into nature and find an acorn.

Sit with your acorn, holding it in your hand, and speak your wish out-loud. As you do, start envisioning what it would take for your wish to become real and what life would be like afterwards. Then carry the acorn around with you everywhere you go (pockets work well). You can even place it on your altar at night if you want to.

As you feel the acorn or see it, think about your wish. Take some time each day to just hold your acorn and go through the envisioning process. After about a week or month (time depends on you), go find a place to plant your acorn in the ground. As you plant it, you are planting your wish.

History of

Peanut Butter Pumpkins

If you are like me and have kids – or just love carving pumpkins – this is a fun one. It is better if you live in the country or a suburb style neighborhood (with yards) but it might work in a more city like atmosphere.

Carve up your pumpkins like normal and keep them throughout the season. Once you are done with them, take a jar of peanut butter and smear it all over the inside and outside of the pumpkins. Then sit them outside somewhere where animals such as squirrels, birds, deer, etc. can get to.

I personally use a trail cam so we can get video of all the animals that feed on ours, but if you place it somewhere in view, you will be able to see them being drawn to it too. It is a great way to get one last use out of the pumpkin and give back to the spirits of the land and the animals we share it with.

I know this one seems less magical, but I have found an offering like this is deeply appreciated by our land spirits.

Fall Magical Cooking

Enchant a Pie

What is your favorite pie? Whether you are a cook-from-scratch cooker, or buying a frozen one and sticking it in the oven – this is another fun way to imbue some magic in your cooking.

What you infuse into your pie will depending on what it is that you want to take within yourself or the people you share it with. Perhaps there has been some tensions in the house and you want to bring in harmony and joy. Perhaps life has gotten busy and you want to spice up the romantic side of your relationship. This is also a great way to bring in things such as self-love, confidence, strength, boost your intellect, and so forth.

Depending on if you are making it from scratch, buying the shell and filling, or just buying a frozen pie, will depending on how much detail you can or want to put into it. For example, if putting the pie together, you can get really detailed giving each ingredient a job to do. If it is a frozen pie, you won’t be putting it together but you can either add some things (like cinnamon sugar on-top of an apple pie before cooking) or just infuse the spell and energy into it.

Once it is ready to be cooked – sing to your pie! You can put some music on that brings forth the vibe and emotions within you that align with what you want to take within yourself. Sing your desire to the pie – telling it what you want it to nourish you with (or others that will be feasting on it). Then pop it into the oven!

As it cooks, it will heat up and charge your spell. When it is time to eat it, try to eat it warm. Envision that spell nourishing you from the inside out – or as you watch the others eat, same thing. Feel that emotion and intention you put into the pie spreading throughout your body and becoming a part of you.

Methods of Divination

Simple Séance

I kind of feel this would be a great one for Friday the 13th (but I also love Friday the 13ths). You will need a purple candle (the tall glass ones at dollar tree work well), some type of scrying tool (a dark bowl with water – mirror – crystal ball – etc.) or communication tool (tarot – talking board), and your communing oil or water would be an excellent here.

If using your communing water/oil, anoint your candle and tool in the morning, and place in a safe and secure space. It would be great if your candle could sit lit throughout the day, helping to build up and draw in the energies before you begin.

That night, after it becomes dark, sit at a table or your altar. A place where you will have enough room to work with your tool. If your candle is not lit, light it. Anoint yourself with your communing oil/water say “I am the necromancer, the one who calls the spirits forth” 3 to 9 times.

Speaking out loud – call forth the spirit you are wishing to communicate with. If you do not have a specific one, you may call out to any spirit that may be lurking about – just be sure to be clear on some boundaries such as: nothing that means you harm, nothing that you would consider evil or that wishes to scare you.

You can ask it to make its presence known to you – by knocking or giving you a sign. You can ask it to show you images in the water or mirror – talk through the spirit board – or through your cards. You can even incorporate modern technologies such as a spirit box (there are apps for that).

When you are finished – Thank the spirit for their time and presence. As you blow out the candle you can say something like “Our time now is done. It is time to leave and not come again unless I call.” Blowing out the candle is like severing the tie.

Witchy Dollhouse

Self Poppet

Create a self effigy or poppet! This can go on your ancestor altar, main altar, or you can create a self altar. It can be something you make or a doll or Barbie that you alter to represent yourself.

In a small piece of cloth or bag that can be affixed to the right wrist of the poppet place a strand of your hair or a few drops of blood. You can also place a piece of paper with your personal sigil if you have one. This is binding it to yourself. The reason I say a bag here is so that it is easier to untether yourself from the effigy if you ever need to get rid of it or want to change it later. The right hand because it is generally seen as “sending out into the world.” – if you are left handed that may be different for you.

Now comes the fun part! Adorn and decorate your effigy with all the things you love about yourself or wish you had. If you are doing an altar/ shelf/ or special area for it, you can surround your effigy with the things as well. It can be anything that you want to surround yourself with – in physical form, toy form, pictures, and so forth.

For me, I put mine on my ancestor altar and it is just as sacred as all my ancestor representations. It is my temple space and when I look at it, it reminds me that I am sacred. It really did help my mindset in this and how I treat myself – the way I talk to myself, feel about myself, and what I allow from others directed at myself.

This is a place where the sky is the limit and you can get super creative. You can also build it up over time. I even saw one person who created a whole doll house with this act in mind – creating various rooms and adding to it over time – even dismantling and recreating rooms when the old aspects were not needed anymore.

Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Magic!

Sat October 14th

This is a fantastic time to harness the power of an eclipse! The power of the sun and moon together – the super charged power of transformation both internal and external at once. Since this one is a solar eclipse, in my practice it is very focused on physical world change. Changes you want to see in your physical life, your physical body, or the physical world.

I know some people say to stay away from eclipse magic, but I love it! Perhaps it is the Death worker in me since we live in transformative work, but it can be amazing to work with and extremely potent.

Think Big – Dream Big – and harness the power of transformation!

Closing Thoughts

There are so many great ideas out there for the Witchy season. With the collective energy positioned and directed towards the world of magic and spirits, I do think it makes this time a little more charged with that kind of energy. There is no reason why we should not be taking advantage of that extra boost and do something amazing with it!

What are you planning this month? What projects do you want to experiment with?

If you are making videos or writing articles that have different ideas or projects please let me know so I can help share them around for you.

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