September 15, 2019

Last year at ETS, one of the best papers I heard was by Zach Dawson on genre with a view to challenging Richard Burridge’s view of genre in relation to Gospels. Anyway, Zach’s paper is now published at the on-line journal Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics with open access. The Problem of Gospel Genres: Unmasking a Flawed Consensus and Providing a Fresh Way Forward with Systemic Functional Linguistics Genre Theory Zachary K. Dawson McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario A wave of research… Read more

September 14, 2019

Thanks to Regent College, there are audio recordings of N.T. Wrights “Grappling with Galatians” lectures delivered at Regent College which are a great preview of Wright’s forthcoming Galatians commentary for Eerdmans (TBA). Thanks to Frank du Preez, here’s a quote from his first lecture: So the crisis in Galatia: The problem we face in Galatians is obvious. It is written at “white heat”, it is a very specific and very agitated message to one particular group of congregations, at one… Read more

September 13, 2019

Edited by Kelly M. Kapic and Hans Madueme Reading Christian Theology in the Protestant Tradition London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2018. Available at Amazon By Laura Thierry “Are you hungry? Come, sit at the table prepared for you.” (1) Thus opens Reading Christian Theology in the Protestant Tradition. How could one resist such a delightful invitation into the world of Christian historical theology? But be ready that you had better come hungry, for Kelly Kapic and Hans Madueme (along with their… Read more

September 12, 2019

Glad to say that The New Testament in its World: An Introduction to the History, Literature, and Theology of the First Christians releases in November, available in hardback and from Logos. There is an amazing pre-order bonus!!! FREE when you pre-order the book from any retailer: A Short Guide to Writing & Research: An Interview with N. T. Wright and Michael F. Bird (PDF + video) A Study Guide for The New Testament in Its World (PDF) If you sign up for email news, you’ll get the free download… Read more

September 11, 2019

I love listening to podcasts on the way to work, here’s a few I’d recommend for this week: My Ridley colleague, John Dickson, has just launched his own podcast Undeceptions where “Every week on Undeceptions we’ll explore some aspect of life, faith, history, culture, or ethics that is either much misunderstood or mostly forgotten. With the help of people who know what they’re talking about, we’ll be trying to ‘undeceive ourselves’ and let the truth ‘out’.” In the first episode John Dickson… Read more

September 10, 2019

David Bennett A War of Loves: The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Discovering Jesus Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2018. Available at Zondervan and Koorong By Laura Thierry Every now and then God gives to his Church people called and gifted to bring a fitting word ‘for such a time as this’. David Bennett’s A War of Loves: The Unexpected story of a Gay Actives Discovering Jesus is just such a book. To a Church in angst as to how to… Read more

September 7, 2019

David I. Starling Hermeneutics as Apprenticeship: How the Bible Shapes Our Interpretive Habits and Practices Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2016. Available from Baker and Koorong By Laura Thierry What if learning to read and interpret Scripture well looked less like a classroom and more like a carpenters shop? What if character and virtue were just as significant for the interpretation of Scripture as an excellent Greek and Hebrew exegetical toolbox? What if hermeneutics was actually like learning a trade than… Read more

September 4, 2019

Fleming Rutledge Three Hours: Sermons for Good Friday Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2019. Available at Eerdmans and Koorong By Laura Thierry One of the most powerful holy week traditions still extant in many traditional church’s is that of the Good Friday afternoon vigil – three hours of readings, preaching, music, and silence. Congregants sit in a sanctuary stripped of all colour and life, contemplating the dark realities of sin and death and the pain-filled love in the person of Christ bringing… Read more

September 1, 2019

Ben Myers The Apostles’ Creed: A Guide to the Ancient Catechism Bellingham: Lexham Press, 2018. Available at Amazon and Koorong By Laura Thierry Reading Ben Myers, The Apostles’ Creed is a bit like having a conversation with a supremely wise and winsome Christian friend. You know, one of those very rare folk who can speak of truths you’ve heard a million times before, but in such a rich, fresh way that your mind and heart are left longing to know… Read more

August 30, 2019

A quote from the soon-coming The New Testament in its World about the Gospel of John and christology: One cannot ignore the clear christological core of the gospel of John. This is not a book about a generalized spirituality or religious outlook on life. It is about Jesus himself from first to last. The book is written by a disciple whose passion for Jesus is intoxicating. The Jesus of the fourth gospel is to be believed, trusted, obeyed, and worshipped. Why? Because… Read more

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