Richard Longenecker’s Personal Library for Sale

Richard Longenecker’s Personal Library for Sale December 17, 2011

Over at Dove Booksellers, items from Richard Longenecker’s personal library are available for purchase. It includes some older and even rare books that look like they’d be a good addition to any collection.

Some of the volumes on offer include:

Georg Olms Verlag, 1964
Dove Price: $350.00
Condition: VG – Binding: Hardcover
Brill, 1972
Dove Price: $65.00
Condition: VG – Binding: Hardcover
King Penguin Books, 1947
Dove Price: $7.00
Condition: VG – Binding: Hardcover
Princeton University Press, 1971
Dove Price: $75.00 
Condition: VG – Binding: Hardcover


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