Top 3 Apps for Teachers

Top 3 Apps for Teachers December 17, 2011

I now use an iPad for my preaching and teaching. Here are my top three apps that you need to have:
1. Logos Bible. On my iPhone or iPad I can access all of my Logos resources such as translations, lexicons, commentaries, and books such by touching the screen. Totally rocks. It is great in class, cause if I want to look up a Greek word on BDAG, it’s there. If I want to quickly check up on what what the BECNT or NIGTC commentaries say about a verse, it’s there. Instant library in my hands.


2. Dropbox. This rocks too, because I can store all of my lectures and sermons in Dropbox and then pull them up wherever I have Wifi or 3G access. No more lugging pages of notes around with me or looking for the right page.



3. iBCP. This is the Book of Common Prayer (1979) which gives you access to prayers, collects, and other Anglican liturgical stuff. I frequently open my class with prayers from the iBCP.


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