D.Min. in New Testament Context

D.Min. in New Testament Context June 6, 2013

Over at Jesus Creed Scot McKnight has announced the new D.Min. in New Testament Context through Northern Seminary which will be directed by him. I will be joining alongside Scot teaching this program. It is an exciting opportunity for pastors who have always wanted a chance to become conversant with the Jewish context of Jesus and the New Testament for the local church. Here’s what Northern’s website says:

“The DMin in New Testament Context will give pastors the opportunity of a lifetime.  In my speaking and conversations with pastors, preachers, and lay folks, one of the most illuminating features we have to bring to the church is clarifying the historical context of Jesus and the apostles. Time and time again flashes of insight come to Bible readers when they grasp a social custom at work, a religious controversy throbbing behind a question put to Jesus, or a historical memory that is shaping precisely what Jesus was teaching or the apostle Paul writing. Because this “background” or “Jewish context” is so important and at the same time much less accessible for pastors, the DMin in the New Testament Context will provide pastors with the opportunity to focus study on Jewish texts and this will enable them to shed light on pressing concerns in the church today.” – Dr. Scot McKnight

Joined by Dr. Joel Willitts, an expert on the New Testament, Dr. Scot McKnight, author of Jesus Creed and The King Jesus Gospel, is directing the program which provides a theological, practical, and academic framework for pastors and congregational leaders to think critically and faithfully about the context of the New Testament. Students will develop an ability to bring the Bible to life for the people in their ministries and help to create church cultures that learn to read the Bible better. The cohort is limited to 17 highly motivated students.

Program Highlights

  • Creates a renewed spirit and passion for the Church’s mission and vision
  • Sharpens critical thinking through interaction with other students and contextual exegesis
  • Easy monthly payment plans for tuition
  • Content aimed developing a strong understanding of the New Testament context and an ability to communicate that effectively
  • Practical application of theology, knowledge, and skills related to understanding the context of the New Testament
  • Involvement in an action-reflection process designed to review character, ministry call, and direction
  • A trip to Israel to study the context of the New Testament first-hand


Cohort Details

The first New Testament Context cohort will begin in June 2014. To be considered for admission, please complete the Doctor of Ministry application form by March 1, 2014. Follow and complete all application instructions found on the DMin application. We will begin announcing admission decisions upon receipt of completed applications. This is a highly competitive program and special consideration is given to highly motivated, talented students who have a passion for Christ’s church and who want to make a difference in their current context.

In addition, once admitted you must submit a $500 tuition deposit to reserve your place and join the cohort which begins in June. This deposit is applied to your first two monthly tuition payments. This tuition deposit is refundable only if you complete the entire application process and are denied admission. Your DMin application must be accompanied by the non-refundable, $50 application fee in order to be processed.

A Note from Scot McKnight

I made a commitment some 15 years ago that I wanted to make the knowledge we have about Judaism more accessible to the church, and to do that we have to learn to “translate” those details and complicated discussions into language that not only can be understood but that matters for ordinary people living ordinary lives in ordinary churches. The DMin in the New Testament Context is designed to help pastors create church cultures that learn to read the Bible better.

Pastors routinely tell me they don’t have time to read all those Jewish sources, so we want to carve out time for pastors to progress in a degree that leads them into great Jewish texts that are behind our New Testament. The DMin in New Testament Context will give pastors the opportunity of a lifetime, time to investigate Jewish texts in order to enhance our perspective of the New Testament. In doing so, the DMin in the New Testament Context will give pastors texts and tools to do this for themselves and for their congregation and show their congregations how they can do it too!


Course Schedule

Judaism as the New Testament Context Willitts June 2014
Becoming Drs of the Church Kent January 2015
Jesus In Context McKnight June or July 2015
Biblical, Historical, and Theological Methods Willitts January 2016
Apostles in Context McKnight June or July 2016
Context of the Holy Land (Israel Trip) McKnight Winter 2017
Thesis Design Kent June or July 2017

Request Information
To express your interest in the program and receive more information, please complete the information request form below.

Or, to tentatively secure your place in the cohort, complete the same information request form and then submit your tuition deposit using the online payment method below the form. It is also recommended that you begin the application process right away. Priority is given to qualified applicants who apply early. Once the cohort is filled (17 students), additional applicants must wait until a new cohort is formed. Please Note: The program information request form is NOT the application for admission. Visit our “How to Apply” page for program application instructions.

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