Kierkegaard on Love without Hypocrisy

Kierkegaard on Love without Hypocrisy February 21, 2015

I’ve been reflecting on Rom 12:2, “Love must be sincere,” and I came across this quote from Kierkegaard:

The best defense against hypocrisy is love; indeed, it is not only a defense but a chasmic abyss; in all eternity it has nothing to do with hypocrisy. This is also a fruit by which love is known – it secures the loving one against falling into the snare of the hypocrite … [T]he last, most blessed, the unconditionally convincing mark of love remains – love itself,  the love that becomes known and recognized by the love in another. Like is known by like; only someone who abides in love can know love, and in the same way his love is to be known.

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