Gisela Kreglinger on Wine, Lord’s Supper, and Atonement

Gisela Kreglinger on Wine, Lord’s Supper, and Atonement July 30, 2016

I’m sitting at home, watching football, eating some bread, drinking some wine, and reading another chapter of Gisela Kreglinger’s wonderful book The Spirituality of Wine. I love this  quote from her book about why we use wine at the Lord’s Supper:

The drinking of wine in the Lord’s Supper draws us into the world of sacrifice. It is here that the spiritual meaning of wine takes on multiple facets that offer rich reflections for Christian life and practice. Just as grapes must be gathered, crushed, and turned into fine wine through the miracle of fermentation, so much human life come under the loving judgment of God. Our relationship with God, each other, and the rest of creation is broken and fractured. God’s judgment, sometimes represented by the metaphor of a winepress in Scripture, brings about a season of redemption, healing and renewal. As we sip from the eucharistic cup, we remember that Christ took upon himself God’s judgment on the world. He stepped into the divine winepress and bore the sins and injustices of the world in order that all people might be reconciled with God.

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