Joel Willitts’ New Blog: Openhearted

Joel Willitts’ New Blog: Openhearted December 2, 2016

My close friend Joel Willitts (North Park University) has launched a new blog called Openhearted: Following the Man of Sorrows on the Ancient Path of Lament. This is the place where Joel:

writes stories that express the concreteness of a deep wound. The writing is a way to grieve what Evil has done in a community of compassionate lamenters. This openheartedness is the surprising the path to receiving another’s delight and of being truly delighted in. What you’ll find here is the most authentic work I’ve ever done. I agree with Lewis Hyde (The Gift) that a gift, if it is to be fully perfected, must be shared in gratitude. This website and my writing is my gratitude for the kindness I’m receiving from my Father whose good pleasure it is to give me His kingdom (Luke 12:32). I hope it is an invitation for you to come to know the same.

He already has some great posts up, like Bent Sexuality and the Pastor, plus his interview with Preston Sprinkle on surviving sexual abuse.

Do read it and add it to your regular blog feed!

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