Must Have DVD: The New Testament You Never Knew

Must Have DVD: The New Testament You Never Knew August 2, 2018

Now available for pre-order!

The N.T. Wright and Michael Bird DVD, The New Testament You Never Knew, a series of talks about the New Testament!

In this 8-session video-based study, leading New Testament scholars, N.T. Wright and Michael Bird, hope to take you on a tour of the New Testament Story, from Galilee to Golgotha, from Jerusalem to Rome. They will look at who Jesus is, the real meaning of his death and resurrection, the expansion of the church in the Greco-Roman world, examine the debates and setbacks that they had along the way, and show how Christians can live out the story of New Testament in their own lives today.

Sessions include:

  1. The Story of the New Testament
  2. The World of Jesus
  3. Life and Death of Jesus
  4. The Resurrection of Jesus
  5. The Apostle Paul
  6. The Early Christians
  7. The Mission of the Church
  8. How the NT Came to Be

This will be ideal for churches, Bible study groups, Adult Sunday schools, and anyone who wants watch lectures about the NT in the very sites that it was written and in the places that it talks about!

Designed for use with The New Testament You Never Knew Study Guide (sold separately).

Note, stocks are extremely limited* so pre-order now so you don’t miss out.


* Limited to as many as Zondervan and SPCK can sell!

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