The N.T. Wright Festschrift

The N.T. Wright Festschrift November 20, 2018

One God, One People, One Future: Essays in Honour of N. T. Wright
Edited by John Anthony Dunne & Eric Lewellen
London: SPCK, 2018.
Available on

I was honoured to have been able to contribute to the N.T. Wright festschrift to celebrate his scholarship and his influence upon a whole generation of scholars. My essay was on “N.T. Wright and the Promise of New Testament Theology” which is a deliberate echo of Norman Perrin’s short book The Promise of Bultmann. I compare/contrast Bultmann and Wright on their accounts of Judaism, the historical Jesus, the resurrection, and Paul.

There are some great contributions from Richard Hays, Michael Gorman, Scot McKnight, Edith Humphrey, and so many others.

Here’s the blurb:

These essays focus on N. T. Wright’s contribution to New Testament theology and interpretation over the past four decades. The structure is three-fold, corresponding to the three areas of classic Jewish theology that Wright views as starting points for discerning the shape of New Testament theology: monotheism, election, and eschatology. Working within these broad categories the contributors critically engage with Wright’s work from both biblical and theological perspectives.

Here’s the video of Wright getting his festschrift, I’m amazed that he was genuinely surprised by it, and the editors and publishers did a great job of keeping it a secret.

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