Ed Stetzer one-on-one with Brian Rosner

Ed Stetzer one-on-one with Brian Rosner November 22, 2018

Over at CT, Ed Stetzer talks to Brian Rosner about his book Known by God and they go into all sorts of topics related to personal identity and theology.

Ed: What would you say to the issues of our day where people ‘self-identify’ in ways that Christians might find problematic to the Scriptures?

Brian: I don’t deal directly with this issue in the book. But, to be honest, I think the Bible is against all ‘self-identification’. Personal identity is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ project. And the notion of a ‘buffered self,’ as it’s called, where we find ourselves by excluding external influences and simply look inwards, is a postmodern invention, and a bad idea! We are social beings and know ourselves by being known by others. Rather than say, “I know myself, therefore I am,” it is better to say, “I am known, therefore I am.” And for believers in Christ, when it comes to the core of personal identity, who you really are, being known by God is where it’s at.

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