How to Make Anglicanism Great Again

How to Make Anglicanism Great Again February 18, 2019

Okay, in my latest spare-time project, I’m planning to #MakeAnglicanismGreatAgain (or #MAnGA). I have several strategies, let me know what you think:

a. Make Wesley Hill a bishop, the brother will totally rock a purple shirt.
b. Make Amy Peeler Archbishop of Canterbury, the sister can preach.
c. Build a wall around Hillsong and make Brian Houston pay for it.
d. Bring back the 1559 Prayer Book and force Baptists to use it.
e. Get the Nigerian Anglican Primate Nicholas Okoh to teach an “Introduction to Anglicanism” course at Yale Divinity School.
f. Rename Wheaton College as Anglicans-R-Us.
g. Resurrect Henry VIII to be the Supreme Governor of the Church of America.

I’m pretty sure I can sell a lot of this merchandise to the GAFCON folks for whom #MAnGA is real thing!

Otherwise, if anyone can come up with a better way to #MAngGA, put it in the comments below, and I will send you a #MAngA hat.

NB: This is humor, a parody of the pro-Trump MAGA hats, not an endorsement of Trump, MAGA, or anything related to the policies of the current US administration. It is humor. It is a parody. This is to be laughed at, or even with, but please, no angry emails. If this offends you, please eats some red meat, because you might have an irony deficiency.

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