Master Lectures: Zondervan’s New Streaming Service

Master Lectures: Zondervan’s New Streaming Service February 25, 2019

In a game-changing move, Zondervan has launched Master Lectures, its own streaming service, kind of like Audible or Netflix, where one pays a monthly subscription of $14.99 and then gets full access to a suite of lectures and teaching series by leading evangelical scholars, teachers, pastors, and well-known speakers.

Here’s the advantages of the service:

– Thousands of high-quality video lectures on the Bible and theology
– New video lectures added every other week
– Free for the first 14 days
– 10% off with code BIRD (expires Friday, March 1)
– Watch on any device when you download the app.

There are some juicy ones like Sam Chan on evangelism in a skeptical world, Craig Keener on Revelation, Con Campbell on biblical Greek, and Tremper Longman on the OT.

It includes access to my own series What Christians Ought to Believe (WCOB)!

Eventually, I think it will also include other videos I’m in such as  The Apostle Paul: Four Views, Inerrancy: Five Views, and a NT series featuring myself and N.T. Wright.

Watch the promo video here.

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