Introduction to Athanasius the Great

Introduction to Athanasius the Great April 15, 2019

John R. Tyson
The Great Athanasius: An Introduction to His Life and Work
Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2017.
Available at W&S.

I love me some Athanasius. Gosh, I’d love to write a musical about his life one day (if Andrew Lloyd Weber or Lin Manuel could find the time to collaborate with me). Reading books about Athanasius is now among my favourite holiday time past times. And so far, this one by John Tyson is my favourite. It tells you about the man, his writings, and all the stuff he did and what happened to him. I mean, if you didn’t believe in the separation of church and state before reading this book, you will definitely believe in it afterwards. Athanasius was a theological giant, a bit of a gangster, and a politician. This book by Tyson gives you a great overview of why Athanasius was such a big deal.

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