Asian Christian Theology

Asian Christian Theology August 2, 2019

Okay folks, one of the top theology books for 2019, a major publishing event for sure, is this one:

Timoteo D Gener and Stephen T Pardue (eds), Asian Christian Theology: Evangelical Perspectives (London: Langham, 2019).

TIMOTEO D. GENER (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary, California, USA) is Chancellor and Professor of Theology at Asian Theological Seminary, Quezon City, Philippines. He is Moderator of the Theological Commission of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches and a member of the World Evangelical Alliance Task Force on Ecumenical Affairs. An Asian theologian and pastor-teacher, he has written over 30 articles and essays published in books and periodicals.

STEPHEN T. PARDUE (PhD, Wheaton College, Illinois, USA) is Associate Faculty for Theology at International Graduate School of Leadership and Asia Graduate School of Theology, Quezon City, Philippines. Having grown up in the southern Philippines, he now calls Manila home. He is co-editor of the Majority World Theology Series (Langham Global Library) and author of The Mind of Christ (T&T Clark).

Here’s the blurb

Asian Christian Theology provides a survey of contextually reflective, robustly evangelical theology for students to engage with the core doctrines of Christianity and their outworking in different cultures across Asia. The contributors of the chapters come from all corners of Asia to systematically examine traditional doctrinal themes and contemporary concerns for the Asian church. Ideal for use as a companion textbook in Asian seminaries and institutions, this book will also provide excellent further reading for those outside of Asia seeking global theological perspectives, and for those in contexts of significant Asian diaspora. Many excellent books surveying theology exist, but this book is a major step forward for students and scholars seeking to understand the dynamic environment of evangelical theology in Asia.

Here’s the TOC

1. Divine Revelation and the Practice of Asian Theology
Timoteo D. Gener (Asian Theological Seminary)

2. On the Doctrine of Scripture: An Asian Conversation
Havilah Dharamraj (South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies)

3. The Trinity in Asian Contexts
George N. Capaque (Asian Theological Seminary)

4. Christology in Asia: Rooted and Responsive
Ivor Poobalan (Colombo Theological Seminary)

5. Creation, New Creation, and Ecological Relationships
Ken Gnanakan (ACTS Group)

6. Lord and Giver of Life: The Holy Spirit among the spirits in Asia
Wonsuk Ma (Oral Roberts University)

7. Toward an Asian Evangelical Ecclesiology
Simon Chan (Trinity Theological College)

8. Eschatology and Hope in Asia
Roland Chia (Trinity Theological College)

9. A Theology of Suffering and Mission in the Asian Church
Kar Yong Lim (Seminari Theoloji Malaysia)

10. Cultural Identity and Theology in Asia
Lalsangkima Pachuau (Asbury Theological Seminary)

11. Jesus and Other Faiths
Ivan Satyavrata (Assembly of God Church of Kolkata)

12. God’s Basileia in Asia’s Res Publica: Situating the Sacred in Asia’s Public Sphere
Aldrin M. Peñamora (Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches)

13. Finding Home for the Unhomed: Helping Diaspora Communities Discover Identity and Belonging
Juliet Lee Uytanlet (Biblical Seminary of the Philippines)

14. Hans Frei’s Typology of Theology as a Heuristic Tool for Religious Encounters in Asian Contexts
Kang-San Tan (BMS World Mission)

15. Theology in a Context of Radical Cultural Shift: A Chinese Reflection
Carver T. Yu (China Graduate School of Theology)

16. Reconciliation and the Kingdom of God: Reflections from the Middle East
Salim J. Munayer (Musalaha)

Here’s an endorsement I wrote:

This groundbreaking book is not vaguely Christian nor parochially Asian. It is, rather, the effort of leading Asian theologians to articulate Christian faith in terms that are biblically rooted, committed to historic orthodoxy, contextually engaged, and suffused with evangelical zeal. As we continue in the “Asian Century,” the future of Christianity will be increasingly shaped by Asian Christians such as those writing in this volume. As this book shows, the future is bright because Asian Christianity is theologically rigorous and missiologically driven, something the Western churches would seriously benefit from imbibing. Well done to the editors Timoteo D. Gener and Stephen T. Pardue for assembling such a fine collection of essays by a sterling group of leading Asian theologians of Christ. This book is simply mandatory reading for anyone interested in theology from the global church, missions, cross-cultural ministry, or serving in multicultural settings.


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