Advice from Bonhoeffer to Help You Cope with COVID-19

Advice from Bonhoeffer to Help You Cope with COVID-19 March 30, 2020

My colleague and boss, Brian Rosner, has a good article over at ABC Religion and Ethics on Coping with coronavirus disappointments: Five lessons from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

First, focus on what really matters.

Second, stay cheerful.

Third, embrace optimism.

Fourth, compare yourself with those less fortunate.

Fifth, the believer should walk through their disappointments with God.

Rosner concludes

Chances are that over the coming months many of us will identify with Bonhoeffer’s disappointments and frustrations in his confinement — albeit for most of us, with the volume turned down. Bonhoeffer’s advice to us would be to focus on what really matters, stay cheerful, embrace optimism, compare yourself with those less fortunate, and walk through your disappointments with God.

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