Two New Mike Bird Books to Hit the Shelves Next Week

Two New Mike Bird Books to Hit the Shelves Next Week April 1, 2020

Thanks to Eerdmans and Zondervan Academic, here are my two latest books, simultaneously released next week, one about Abraham in Romans and another one about the Bible and Red Heads.

Romans: Following in the Feet of the Foreskinned Faith of our Forefather (Eerdmans) – If the title weirds you out, then please read Rom 4:12 in Greek, I had to fight the Eerdmans editorial and marketing team for the title, but I got my way (after a very big dummy spit).

Maroon of God: A Biblical Theology of Red-Heads (Zondervan) – finally, a theology of gingerhood, the most mocked and maligned people of human history! As I’ve always said: The rangas will rise to rule! Julia Gillard was just the Beginning!

Order now as initial copies are limited due to a printing supply crisis in China caused by COVID-19.

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