Things to Read, Watch, and Listen to if You’re Stuck at Home

Things to Read, Watch, and Listen to if You’re Stuck at Home March 13, 2020

If classes are canceled, if church is on hiatus, if you are quarantined, and if you’re just generally stuck at home, here are some tips for what to read, watch, and listen to while you’re cooped up at home.


Nijay Gupta and Scot McKnight, The State of New Testament Studies, terrific volume that brings you up to date on what is happening in the various seminar rooms of NT studies, very informative, and highly recommended.

Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton, fantastic biography of the American founding father and the basis for the smash-hit musical.

William Webb and Gordon Oeste, Bloody, Brutal and Barbaric: Wrestling with Troubling War Texts, this is a good book, deals with the OT texts about war, inter-tribal violence, and how we as Christians deal with it.


I really enjoyed The Two Popes on Netflix and Brittany Runs a Marathon on Amazon Prime.

On You.Tube, check out Jorg Frey’s lectures on the Gospel of John and the Kings and General 15 mins documentary on the Ancient Greek State in Afghanistan.

You can also take out a subscription to Zondervan’s Master Lectures for access to Bible/theology/ministry lectures and there’s a variety of popular and academic programs on Faithlife TV too.

For the Bird-Wright book New Testament in its World, there is a lay level DVD and a seminary level DVD.


On audiobooks, try my What Christians Ought To Believe and Scot McKnight’s King Jesus Gospel.

On podcasts, so many to choose from, my favs are Ask NTWright Anything, NT Review, OnScript, Disruptors, and Undeceptions.  But you might also like Where Do We Go From Here (about Christianity after purity culture), Theology in the Raw (with Preston Sprinkle), Church Grammar (by Brandon Smith), and Split Frame of Reference (about egalitarianism). For history podcasts, I like Revolutions, History of World War II, History of Byzantium, and History of Yugoslavia. For political podcasts, you can’t go past Quilette and Spiked.


For breakfast, Vegemite on toast with avocado.

Lunch option, try cannellini soup, easy, tasty, and healthy.

Dinner, I’ve learned how to make buffalo wings and fish tacos – never disappoints anyone.

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