Reading Philippians with Nijay

Reading Philippians with Nijay July 16, 2020

Nijay Gupta
Reading Philippians: A Theological Introduction
Cascade Companions
Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2020.
Available at Wipf & Stock.

Nijay and I have written a Philippians commentary together, however, this little book by Nijay on Philippians is a great companion and an excellent summary of Philippians and its well worth getting if you are a pastor/teacher.

The book has good descriptions of the Philippian’s situation, Paul’s ministry, letter writing and rhetoric. Gutpa regards 1:27 as something of a central thesis of the letter. Nijay gives a mini-commentary of the entire letter which is concise yet also insightful at points. Good discussions on Paul’s “thinking” language (Gk. phroneo) and how strange the virtue of humility would have been to people immersed in a culture where the display of one’s accomplishments meant everything. The book includes many good applications that any preacher should take notice of. Very memorable expositions on texts like Phil 3:1-6.  Nijay gives a short precis on scholarship as it pertains to the world behind the text, in the text, and in front of the text. Ultimately, Nijay has written a very user-friendly introduction to Philippians that is readable, filled with good illustrations (mostly LOTR), wise reflections, each chapter has a simple summary, and discussion questions for groups. Ideal for undergrads, preachers, and adult Bible study. This is definitely an exegetical study with a view to preaching and application – a very rare quality in most biblical studies books!

Yes, I’m enthused about this book, so much so that I wrote a blurb:

Nijay Gupta offers an informed, learned, and eminently readable introduction to Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. A wonderful survey of the letter, from the summit of the Christ-hymn to Paul’s soliloquy about facing possible execution, suffused with great insights about Christian community, and it puts readers in touch with the latest in Pauline scholarship. A terrific volume by a world-class Pauline scholar!”
– Michael F. Bird


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