Mike Bird is now on Substack

Mike Bird is now on Substack March 13, 2021

Hi everyone,

Yes, I sold out, I joined Substack. Cause … well … everyone else is doing it!

First post is here!

No, I won’t stop blogging at Patheos, but stuff here will be more about book reviews, academic stuff, with a bit of lag time on what’s happening in my scholarship.

Substack is where I’ll be uploading “stuff” on biblical studies and religious commentary without advertisements for Mormon dating websites, Wiccan crystals, KJV-only books, or even weirder stuff like … courses on eco-vegan-interpretation of Leviticus at Yale Divinity School.

Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website. This is where you’ll get:

  • Explanations on the big issues in biblical studies and theology.
  • Sneak peeks at books I’m working on.
  • Updates on what I’m doing as a Christian scholar.
  • Insightful commentary on Christian faith in the twenty-first century.
  • My quirky sense of humor!
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