Why Are Black Women So Argumentative?

Why Are Black Women So Argumentative? October 3, 2014

Okay. So. I saw this video titled “Why Are Black Women So Argumentative?” being discussed in the context of a safe space for black women.  There are so many things we disagreed with her on.  There are so many things I wish she’d have made more clear or even more logical.  i.e. isn’t there a degree to which women of every race, ethnicity & creed become argumentative when pushed?  Or, why not acknowledge the exceptions or highlight some of the socioeconomic realities at play?

There are also things she said that I agree with.  And I SHO do hate having to admit that.  And I SHO do hate that she put us all on front street. On YouTube. In front of e’rybody. Yes, of course I hate the shame of being of called out.  Yes, of course I hate the shame of seeing myself or women I love in something someone has identified as shameful-behavior-for-a-black-woman-therefore-you-must-be-ratchet-and-bad-bad-bad.

The LAST thing I ever want to perpetuate is the narrative that we are somehow bad or worse than ____ or need fixing or adjusting in order to have value, a voice or a seat at the table of human dignity.

I know this po’ chile has come under a virtual sh*t storm for articulating these things out loud.  I have no interest in attacking her.  But I would like to offer a brief critique in the form of a few questions while recognizing that she made some constructive points amidst a few over simplified pontifications.

  • Why would black American women be angry today?  In list form, please.
  • How have we seen anger being handled appropriately or inappropriately for the last 12 generations?
  • What are the implications of the psychological trauma we’ve faced over the past 200 years?  How does it effect our cultural norms and behaviors and interactions with one another?
  • What are all of the profound, beautiful & justice-bearing, Kingdom-bringing, hope-filled freedoms & gifts that have happened as a result of an angry black woman?  In list form, please.
  • What is the role of internalized racism in the anger of black American women?
  • What is the role out outright racism in the anger of black American women?

No one should EVER have to ask themselves: What are black women so angry about?  I mean, really?


I’m joining with a herd of other bloggers who are writing for 31 days on the subject.  I chose 31 days of brevity: short posts on non-confrontational, non personal, non soul-bearing topics…hopefully.  I fear I may be a bit wayward all ready. Womp womp. I’ve all ready taken on passing as a white woman, purity culture & now angry black women.  Oops.  Well, you can’t blame me for trying.  Maybe tomorrow will be about soap or something less consequential.

31 DAYS of brevity



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