7 Warning Signs You’re Not Aligned with God

7 Warning Signs You’re Not Aligned with God February 26, 2024

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Are You Aligned with God?

Terry works for a large global enterprise based in Texas. Known for his faith and family devotion, Terry was aligned with God.  A pillar of the community, discipling young men and leading his life from a deep connection to God.

However, Terry earns a substantial promotion by jumping from Sr. Manager to VP. His office hours increase while his focus shifts to material success, neglecting his spiritual commitments and ignoring the warning signs of drifting away from God’s path.

Terry takes up golf to fit in with other executives, ignoring his wife most nights and weekends. The thought of skipping church would make the old Terry cringe. Today, it’s a common practice.

One fateful night at the office two years later, Terry hears a knock. When he opens the door, his wife faces him with tears streaming down her face, holding a manila envelope. He leads her to his conference table and shuts the door. Then she says four words he never expects, “I want a divorce.”

Stunned, Terry pleads with his wife for a second chance, but she refuses. It’s over. He asks her why she came to the office instead of dropping the bomb at home. She said, “Because you’re never there.”

Distraught by her news, he spends days and nights begging Sheila to reconsider. No success. Only when he fell to his knees in prayer, seeking guidance and forgiveness, he realizes the extent of his distance from God. The failed marriage was not only a tangible loss, but a symbol of Terry’s lost spiritual connection.

Through the humbling experience, Terry acknowledges that he’s overlooking the warnings and adjusts his priorities. The wake-up call reminds him that genuine success and fulfillment come from a strong relationship with the Lord, not worldly accomplishments.


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7 Warning Signs You Might Not Be Aligned with God:

  1. Lack of prayer: Just as plants wither without water, our spiritual life dries up without continuous prayer. If you rarely speak to God or rush through prayers without intentional thought, it’s a sign that your alignment with Him is off. Prayer is our conversation channel for keeping the relationship with God alive and fresh. What happens when we neglect or cut off communications with a friend or family member? The relationship diminishes.
  2. Neglecting the Word: The Bible is our spiritual compass and nourishment. If you find reading God’s Word tedious or infrequent, it’s a sign that your connection with God is weakening. Improve accessibility and reading efficiency with the help of a mobile Bible app. Choose from countless Bible study plans and devotionals, or use audio for convenient on-the-go listening.
  3. Loss of peace: When you’re aligned with God, there’s an underlying peace, even in tough times. If you’re constantly anxious or unsettled, it might be time to check your spiritual commitment. Every trial in life is an opportunity to grow closer to God by increasing time with Him and reading scripture. God never leaves us. Avoid running from Him and rely on His mighty strength for comfort.
  4. Diminished Love for Others: Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves. If you’re being more judgmental, impatient, or indifferent towards others, it’s a signal that your love for God may be weakening. Increasing our service to others is a fantastic antidote. Find a worthy cause or volunteer at the church. There are plenty of needs to support.
  5. A Focus on Worldly Success: While there’s nothing wrong with ambition, a preoccupation with status, wealth, or material possessions can distract you from your spiritual journey. Prioritizing God first ensures all others, activities, and things fall into proper order. Evaluate where you spend most of your time and attention and adjust from there.
  6. Resisting Correction: Pride can lead us to refuse advice or correction from fellow believers or spiritual leaders. This resistance is a red flag that you’re veering off God’s path. Alignment with God fosters a desire for obedience, repentance, and righteousness. Be humble in seeking wise counsel from godly people you trust.
  7. Lack of fruitfulness: The fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) should be evident in a life aligned with God. If these are lacking, it’s a sign to reassess your spiritual fitness. Like muscle building, we expect to see muscle definition over time confirming our good work is producing results. Ask yourself, can others see the fruits of my life?

Conclusion: Becoming Aligned with God Again

Like Terry, it’s easy to lose our way by ignoring the warning signs. Moreover, be on guard, never taking the connection with God for granted. It’s crucial to examine our lives and take steps to realign with Him as needed. Through prayer, reading the Word, and seeking guidance from our spiritual community, we can find our way back to the path God has set for us, ensuring lives full of peace, love, and purpose.


Curious if you are aligned with God? Take a FREE quiz and find out.


“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor?” – Matthew 5:13


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