How to Get a Discount on Almost Anything

How to Get a Discount on Almost Anything November 12, 2010

Getting the Best Deal

If you’re like me, you love saving money or getting a discount on the things you buy. I don’t know why, but it just feels better when I didn’t pay full price for something. Here are a few quick tips on getting a discount on just about anything.

Just Ask

Ok, you knew this was coming – but it’s true. You never know unless you ask. Whether you’re at Lowe’s buying materials, picking up flowers for your wedding, or talking to your insurance agent, you should ask this simple question: Is that the best price available?

Come Prepared

So you’re looking to make a purchase like a washer/dryer, car, or even furniture. Do yourself a favor and look around for comparable products and prices. Even if it takes printing the sale item from an online store or cutting out the sale page of the catalog. You can often have the vendor match the price or beat it if you come prepared. Not only did you save money, it was much more convenient to get the items at a central location.

Don’t Forget the Add-ons

Have you ever purchased something only to find out that it costs $45 for delivery or you need to buy the extra stand for $25…talk about annoying. Many times these accessories can be negotiated into the deal and provide you with a greater discount. When my wife and I bought a new mattress, we were able to have them beat the competitor’s price AND deliver it for free. Delivery itself was $45 plus the time to get it!

Book Early

Whenever we go on trips, my wife does a great job in finding the best car rental deals. She does it by booking ahead and calling for any specials or discounts. The last car was $19 a day with unlimited miles! The same can be true with flights. Although flights can be a little more unpredictable, use the Bing Travel tool to help you predict what the prices are going to be. Then take the best price and bidding $50 less at a ‘name your price’ website like Priceline.

Do you love to find a deal? What are some tips and tricks you’ve found that work?

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  • There have been entire books written on the subject of negotiation (Getting To Yes stands out), but sometimes just asking “Is that the best price you can offer me?” works like a charm.

    • Tim

      You’re right – you never know unless you ask!

  • hohum

    I distinctly remember a shopper, while I was standing in line at Kirklands. He was trying to negotiate with the cashier like he was in China or something.

  • Competitive shopping is always key.

    And if you’re negotiating, silence works wonders! If someone offers you something, just pause uncomfortably long with while you ponder. It’s funny how often people break into an awkward silence and undercut themselves.

    • Tim

      Great tips Coach. I love the silence treatment! Uncomfortably long is the key — minutes if needed. Just thinking about how funny those situations can get makes me want to go negotiate with someone.