How to Steal a House: 25 Years of Free Rent

How to Steal a House: 25 Years of Free Rent December 7, 2010

Woman Refuses to Pay Mortgage for 25 Years

___I read an article yesterday about a 71 year old lady who has been living in her house for the last 25 years and hasn’t made a single payment on the mortgage. That’s right. Since 1985, Patsy Campbell hasn’t made a payment on the $63,803 mortgage because she claims that improper transfers of the mortgage between banks has left the documents unclear and she has about a dozen other reasons why she shouldn’t have to pay the mortgage.

A retired insurance saleswoman, Campbell has been working the system by defending her case (without a lawyer) by using delay tactics that cause mountains of paperwork. In fact, after health issues in the early 2000’s Campbell filed for bankruptcy and deeded the house to her daughter and then had it deeded back to herself a few years later when everything cleared.

House ThiefCampbell made this statement in her arrogant confidence, “Commercial Services of Perry is in the business of doing this. They win some, they lose some,” she says. “If they had a case, they would have already won it, years ago.”

How can anyone have such an attitude of entitlement? I’m sorry, but this is plain stealing. She knows that she didn’t pay off the house, but she still wants to live in it. Newsflash: you can’t have something unless you buy it or it was given to you. You are stealing from the bank and the taxpayers by bringing such idiotic cases to court.

Am I the only one who views this as wrong? What do you think?

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