How to Steal a House: 25 Years of Free Rent

How to Steal a House: 25 Years of Free Rent December 7, 2010

Woman Refuses to Pay Mortgage for 25 Years

___I read an article yesterday about a 71 year old lady who has been living in her house for the last 25 years and hasn’t made a single payment on the mortgage. That’s right. Since 1985, Patsy Campbell hasn’t made a payment on the $63,803 mortgage because she claims that improper transfers of the mortgage between banks has left the documents unclear and she has about a dozen other reasons why she shouldn’t have to pay the mortgage.

A retired insurance saleswoman, Campbell has been working the system by defending her case (without a lawyer) by using delay tactics that cause mountains of paperwork. In fact, after health issues in the early 2000’s Campbell filed for bankruptcy and deeded the house to her daughter and then had it deeded back to herself a few years later when everything cleared.

House ThiefCampbell made this statement in her arrogant confidence, “Commercial Services of Perry is in the business of doing this. They win some, they lose some,” she says. “If they had a case, they would have already won it, years ago.”

How can anyone have such an attitude of entitlement? I’m sorry, but this is plain stealing. She knows that she didn’t pay off the house, but she still wants to live in it. Newsflash: you can’t have something unless you buy it or it was given to you. You are stealing from the bank and the taxpayers by bringing such idiotic cases to court.

Am I the only one who views this as wrong? What do you think?

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  • What a freaky story;|

    I’m convinced that this is wrong but every one has own opinion.

  • Neil Sickendick

    This is very wrong. To respond to the above comment, unfortunately this isn’t a matter of opinion. The line between right and wrong is clearly drawn in many facets of life, and this is one of them. Nothing is ones own unless they paid for it or received it as a gift from another.

    You can steal things all you want, but that does not make them yours. They are still the property of whomever you stole from. In this case, the bank…

    • Tim

      I agree with both you and Video Squeeze. I can’t believe how up front she is about it. It’s plain stealing and that’s wrong – I don’t care who it’s from (government, bank, family, neighbor).

      Thank you both for commenting :)

  • I am pretty sure her tactics are not legally right, but I am 100% sure they aren’t ethically right. Patsy Campbell seems to believe that if she can get by with something, it must be OK…thus the arrogance.

    If she was an acquaintance, I would make sure to keep my billfold far from her reach.

    • Tim

      Thanks for the comment Joe!

      I wouldn’t put it past someone like that to steal from family. It’d be an interesting thing to ask her. Would she stop making payments if it were to a family member who owned the home? Unbelievable!

  • I was just reading this earlier today, and so torn. On the one hand, you’re absolutely right! She still owes for the house and has paid nothing in 25 years. On the other hand, mortgage companies are constantly taking shortcuts and screwing up the paperwork.

    I dealt for over a year on a foreclosure for a mortgage that was not behind at all until they started returning our payments. They misfiled one payment, which led to us being 30 days behind on paper. After a few months of that, they refused payment unless it was “in full” – meaning a double payment since they would not look into the the payment they lost or accept documentation of payment from my bank.

    They foreclosed, and I was the one who had to deal with the mess in court. We finally got it (sort of) straightened out, but their errors cost me time, money and a whole lot of stress. It seems a case like this might teach some of them a lesson. I would have loved to teach our mortgage company a big one.

    • What she is doing is not right, but I don’t have any sympathy for the big corporations either.

  • I agree 100% that she is wrong and is stealing! We see people all the time who try to make stealing from a company ok, by painting them as a huge, rich, greedy, corporate monster that deserves to be ripped off!

    • Tim

      It’s crazy how people will try to justify almost anything.

  • I saw this on Google News. Crazy story. I don’t believe her outward arrogance to be authentic. She’s knows what she is doing is wrong. It’s plain for anyone to see. My guess? No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t shake that deep-down feeling that she’s a jerk.

  • That is messed up… she’s living there at the expense of others. I agree with Joe.

  • It’s quite wrong on her part and somewhat abusive I would say. I can’t imagine what people around her have to deal with. I wonder if she takes whatever is left in the vicinity of her house saying that it was left there and it’s now hers … There is no saying how far someone like that can go.

  • Didgerey Doo

    who cares. there’s still plenty of land and housing for those who really want it. she wanted it, and took it; it’s hers. what you think as “ownership” of your house and land means nothing. you live on it because the u.s. government permits you to live on the tiny piece of shyte property you call yours. history shows us that big brother can, at a whim, come and take your land whenever they like or and do it without reason or even false reasons.

    if that old woman can play the system and get around our nation’s citizens’ huge myth that “ownership” of United States land means anything, then all that’s left is the paperwork. She seems to have the paperwork down, too. Good going lady, I salute you. Just, I’d let her know to stay away from my wallet and away from me and my family and friends, that’s all, you know.

  • “improper transfers of the mortgage between banks has left the documents unclear”

    I know of a lady who’s house was transferred so many times, that when she tried to make her payment five years ago, the company refused the payment, and she hasn’t been able to get anyone to accept the payment ever since. Mind you, just a year prior to all of this she had a made a huge lump sum payment on her mortgage in an attempt to pay her mortgage down, but no one knows where that money went. All this happened because the original mortgage holder transferred her mortgage illegally between so many investment groups and banks that even the account number on her mortgage account was changed in the process. She was forced into bankruptcy for not paying the mortgage, yet no one would accept her payment. How crazy is that? And no one has an explanation of what happened to that huge payment. Talk about a mess. And to add insult to injury, she can’t get a lawyer to touch her case with a hundred foot pole.

    I’m not so sure Ms. Campbell is wrong here. After witnessing what my friend is going through, I’m thinking maybe my friend should take the attitude Ms. Campbell has. My friend did everything right, but because of greed in investing, and wrongful activity by her mortgage holders, she is literally fighting to keep her home. They got her into this mess.

    Maybe if she just says, fine, I’m not paying for anything, and then stop trying to work everything out, she would be better off. As it stands right now, she still doesn’t know who to pay her mortgage payment to. Out of all the five or six companies and investment groups who have taken a slice of her mortgage, no one will accept a payment from her, and she’s out thousands of dollars which no one seems to know what happened to. Plus, she struggles with not knowing who owns her house/mortgage, and how she can end this nightmare once and for all. It’s just plain wrong.

  • don

    the illegal fed every 18 years collapses real estate, so bankers get richer, screw the usury system, good for the lady … ask ernie madoff for advice :)

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  • Janise

    I took a House and Trailer away from a guy and also got paid $3,124 to do it, my new book will be called “How to lie, cheap, and steal your way throught life”.

  • Will

    Kick her lazy butt to the curb. She will pay 10 fold someday of her life, just watch and see. What comes around goes around.