Weekend Roundup and Update

Weekend Roundup and Update December 18, 2010

IFaith and Finance was ranked around 6.8 million just two months ago and today’s ranking is….242,008! My goal was to be under 250,000 before the new year, but now I think it’s possible to break 200k. It’s an ambitious goal for just two weeks, but I’m shooting for it anyways! :)

On with the Roundup!

With Christmas around the corner, there have been some great posts about the season as well as some excellent articles about everything else! Here are a few that are definitely worth reading:

How To Give God’s Way – Joe Plemon via Christian PF

The 12 Deals of Christmas – Kyle Psaty via Perkstreet Financial Blog

Checklist of Things You’ll Need at Tax Time in 2011 for Doing Your 2010 Taxes – Peter Anderson at Bible Money Matters

Christmas Program Scorecard – Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like

The Problem With Tithing Your Time – Joe Plemon at Personal Finance By the Book

My Guest Posts

5 Essential Budget Items for Couples – Featured on Christian PF

Thanks again for your continued support of Faith and Finance! It wouldn’t be the same without you!

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