How Road Trips, Teenage Pregnancy, and Cheap Hotels Started Christmas

How Road Trips, Teenage Pregnancy, and Cheap Hotels Started Christmas December 24, 2010

Road trips can be fun, but I imagine that being pregnant would make that trip a little less exciting. Now let’s say you were a pregnant teenager traveling with your husband who wasn’t the one who got you pregnant. Ouch. And to top it off, you can’t find a decent hotel when you finally get to the place you’re traveling to, so you have to stay at the cheapest motel in town that doesn’t even have beds.

Sound familiar?

This very story comes from Luke chapter two, the story of the birth of Jesus.

3 Lessons From The Christmas Story


Can you imagine yourself as Joseph and hearing that you are to take Mary as your wife – right after you just heard that she was pregnant and it wasn’t from you?! What about Mary who just found out that she was to give birth to the Messiah? Talk about intimidating.

Neither situation was easy. It took courage and obedience on behalf of Mary and Joseph to carryout what they were called to do.


Things seemed to get harder for Mary and Joseph as they obeyed God. They had to stay in a stable, they were away from home, and Herod order to kill all the boys in Bethlehem who were two and younger. This new family relied on God for everything and trusted that He would protect them.


God proved faithful as He always does. Mary and Joseph escaped Herod’s plot to kill Jesus and made their home in Nazareth. God’s protection remained on their son’s life and Jesus grew in wisdom and found favor with God and all those around him.

The Most Valuable Gift of This Season

God sent his son into this world as a baby so he could give us life. The greatest gift that anyone could ever give is the gift of life. The best part is that we can live a more fulfilling life on earth and have the hope of eternal life through Christ.

As you share gifts this season, remember the ultimate gift of life that we have through Christ and be generous in sharing this message to others.

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