Car Commercials – What Messages Are They Sending?

Car Commercials – What Messages Are They Sending? December 31, 2010

Car commercials have improved significantly in the last ten years, but there are still a few out there that just bother me. What gets me is the message I’ve been seeing in a few of these commercials lately. It seems like the car commercials aren’t just subtly saying ‘you’re lame if you don’t buy this car’ – they’re actually saying ‘you’re lame.’

Too Cool for Cars

Don’t get me wrong – I have a good laugh at some of these commercials. But it’s all about the upgrade and that’s what sales is about…but it’s also the very reason we’re a nation that’s in debt. In this commercial, the SUV kid thinks he’s much better off than the other kid that doesn’t have the luxurious entertainment system, personalized temperature settings, and stylish new ride.

Christmas Car

I didn’t see too many of these commercials this Christmas, but I’m sure they were out there. Has anyone ever really wrapped a car with a bow and surprised their spouse. A car is a major purchase and to buy a car without telling your spouse goes against everything said about discussing financial decisions together. I may be reading too much into it, but the commercials are suggesting that it’s OK to do…when it really isn’t.

Hamsters in Cars

Hamsters…in cars…seriously? I thought I’d throw this video in just because it’s weird, but the message is still the same! (Sales pressure in the hamster world..go figure) The commercial is basically saying, you need an upgrade so you don’t look lame.

What do you think about the message in these commercials? Is it OK? Or does the message to ‘upgrade’ bother you sometimes?

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