How We Used TurboTax WITH a Discount

How We Used TurboTax WITH a Discount February 7, 2011

taxThis weekend was tax weekend. A part of me was dreading the time it’d take to do the taxes, but I was excited to see if we’d get some of our money back. Throughout the month of January, we put all the tax forms in a pile and tried to get as organized as possible. It paid off because I only spent about a half an hour sorting through the W2s, 1099 INTs and business receipts before I starting the home and business edition on Turbo Tax.

TurboTax Discount

I used the 35% discount for Chase credit card users and saved about $25 on the home and business edition of turbo tax.

Craig at Money Help For Christians put together a great list of discounts that includes TD Ameritrade, State Farm, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo Advantage, and Fidelity discounts. Some of these discounts don’t even matter if you’re a customer or not! You can simply save up to 35% by clicking through those links.

TurboTax Made it Easy!

The best part about TurboTax is that you can walk through the entire process without paying a dime until you actually file. The entire filing process took a little over an hour to do, and that included the time it took to file my business documents and home tax info.

Disappointing Returns

I will say that I was a little disappointed with the amount of our tax return… TurboTax found the best return possible, but I wish we had a few more credits to offset the bill. We ended up getting back a nice return, but nowhere near the previous years’ returns. Why? One reason: Education. This was the first year my wife and I didn’t have any college expenses. That’s all about to change this year as my wife goes back to school, so I’m sure we’ll see a little more next year.

Do you plan on using TurboTax? When do you plan to file? (Do yourself a favor and set yourself a deadline…you’ll be happy you did!)

TurboTax - Choose Easy

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