How We Made $240 With Our eBay Garage Sale

How We Made $240 With Our eBay Garage Sale February 11, 2011


Last week we were snowed in and decided to have a little garage sale. Yep, that’s right. A garage sale in the middle of winter.

Ok, ok, we didn’t have an actual garage sale, but used eBay to sell some of our stuff and make a few extra bucks. At first, I didn’t think we had anything to sell, but it turns out we had enough to bring in an extra $240!

Here’s a quick summary of what we sold:

    • 2 iPhone boxes – $10.00 each (yes, people actually buy the boxes for iphones!)
    • 1 Woman’s Suit – $70.00
    • 1 Oboe Reed Making Kit – $101.00

*Originally bought for $40 four years ago…gotta love eBay auctions!

  • 1 Nike Running Chip – $19.99
  • 1 Mini Projector – $29.99

Grand Total: $240!

What We Learned:

1. You never know what treasures you have!

Someone seriously paid $10 for an old iPhone box…so yes it’s definitely worth a few minutes to see what your dusty items can sell for!

2. Don’t wait until tomorrow to do what you can today!

A fresh twist on the old Ben Franklin quote that I try to remind myself of as much as I can. How many times do you tell yourself “I’ll get to selling that later…?”  Later will keep getting pushed back so you might as well take advantage of today while you have it.

3. Before you buy, ask yourself if you really need it or if it’ll just end up on eBay.

I have a few other things I’ll probably throw on eBay because they’re just collecting dust. It feels like we’re on a roll now!

Don’t forget about Amazon or Craigslist! I’ve had good experiences with both of these sites too – but we just used eBay last week.

Have you ever had a selling spree on eBay? Any tips for other readers?

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