Midweek Roundup and Announcements

Midweek Roundup and Announcements February 24, 2011



Bob at ChristianPF.com is giving away a Kindle!  The ways to enter are really easy and you might just end up with an e-reader!

Crystal’s blog Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is turning 1 and she’s throwing a party with over $600 worth of prizes!

Great Articles On The Web

What You Need To Know About Tax Exemptions and Dependents

Khaleef at KNS Financial gives some great tips that can really benefit you with tax time around the corner.

Managing The Miscellaneous Budget Category

Jason Price wrote an interesting article at Bible Money Matters that addresses something I was thinking about earlier this week.  Talk about perfect timing!

21 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

John Frainee puts together an awesome list of ideas that really do work for making money on the side!

Interesting Money Facts: Part 3

Did you know only 6% of kids learn about money in school!  What?! Check this series out for some surprising facts about moolah.

Don’t Forget Faith and Economics

The Cause and Cure for Inflation

Supply and Demand Simplified

This post was featured in the Total Money Blog Carnival this week!

Be sure to check out the site tomorrow for an exciting post…..it’s the 100th post for Faith and Finance and it should be interesting!

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