Root Of Riches Book Review

Root Of Riches Book Review July 8, 2011

Last month I had the privilege of interviewing Chuck Bentley, author of the new book Root of Riches and the CEO of Crown Financial Ministries.  The folks at Crown let me read his new book little early and gave me a chance to talk with him over the phone about it.

Before I share my thoughts on the book, let me just say how impressed I am with Crown Financial Ministries and Chuck Bentley.  If you don’t already follow Crown on facebook or keep up with their Money Life podcast, I’d encourage you to do so.  The team at Crown does an awesome job connecting with their community of listeners and readers and provides excellent materials for managing your money with a solid foundation of Biblical principles.

Quick Note:

Today, Friday July 8th is the last day to pre-order Root of Riches and receive a 20% discount. 

Root of Riches Review

( I was not compensated in any way to write the following review of the book Root of Riches.)

One of the reasons why Chuck Bentley’s book Root of Riches was so impactful to me is because he was brutally honest about his experiences with money.  Chuck makes no hesitations in sharing about his past love for money.  It was his ‘master’ and he thought he could live the perfect life by balancing a little bit of Jesus with his overwhelming quest to seek money.  He’ll be the first to tell you that managing money God’s way is a matter of the heart, not a financial equation or three-step program.

The way Chuck shares the message is different from any other financial books I’ve read.  With the voice of a teacher, Chuck explains how our financial root system needs to be completely transformed by God’s Truth in order for us to grasp the concept of true riches.  Our root system is our belief system and we will never truly become rich until we change the way we view earthly riches.

The Me Tree and the He Tree

Chuck makes a bold statement that really stood out to me:  “It is not wrong to have an abundance of money and possessions.  However, it is wrong to be a Me Tree.”  What is a Me Tree?  A Me Tree will run after things, they’re greedy for money, eager to get rich, they place their hope and security in wealth and they lose all contentment.  Chuck lists a few other characteristics of a Me Tree and explains why these traits are Biblically backwards.

We’re all born as a Me Tree, but when we firmly plant our roots in God’s Truth, we can turn into a He Tree.  A He Tree is someone who believes in God’s Word, believes that it’s more blessed to give than to receive, believes in serving God only, and believes in being faithful with the small things.  Both trees will be known by the fruit it produces.  While a Me Tree produces fruit that reflects a greedy and discontented heart, a He Tree will produce fruit that reflects Christ’s love, generosity, and contentment.

As you read Root of Riches, you find the material divided into three sections that highlight three ‘non-negotiable’ points.   These three points will give you an idea of how the book walks you through the process of changing your heart when it comes to money.

3 Non-Negotiable Points from Root of Riches

1. I accept that both the cause and the solution to my money problems lie within my own heart.

2. I must align my beliefs with God’s Word to produce behaviors that will make me truly rich.

3.  I must act upon and apply spiritual truth in order to receive true riches.

I was certainly challenged after reading Root of Riches and know that you’ll be challenged too.  For more information on Chuck’s book, visit the site and watch the short videos about the book.

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