Why is There Still No Credit Check Financing?

Why is There Still No Credit Check Financing? July 20, 2011

Something bothered me the other day as I sat at a stop sign.  I looked to my left and saw a sign for a furniture store with the words glaring “No Credit Check Financing.”

Seriously?!  Isn’t that how we got into this mess in the first place?  Here we are two years into one of the worst recessions ever, and we’re still handing out goods on credit without even checking someone’s credit history.no credit check

I’m all about the free market and letting consumers choose how they want to spend their money.  But there’s a financial culture out there that is under the impression that goods can and should be purchased even if you don’t have the means to pay for them.  I don’t like that mentality and these store tactics don’t help to fix the debt problems.

What do you think?  Do these ‘No Credit Check” deals make you think twice?  Are you against them? 


Do you think that everyone should have access to things like furniture, cars, or other big-ticket items without adequate credit checks?

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