My 7 Links

My 7 Links August 31, 2011

A blog called Tripbase came up with an idea to publish an article that highlights 7 articles that fit in 7 different categories.  Once you highlight your 7 links, you get to nominate 5 other blogs to do the same.  I was nominated by Peter at Bible Money Matters – thanks Peter!

Here are my 7 links!

Your Most Beautiful Post

I don’t know if I’d classify too many of my posts as beautiful, but I thought this one fit the bill: Time: Your Most Valuable Asset.  It’s thought provoking and a good reminder of what really matters in life.

Your Most Popular Post

The most popular article on Faith and Finance is this: Is Gold A Good Investment?

Your Most Controversial Post

The most ‘talked about’ post is this: Should Christians Work on Sunday?

Your Most Helpful Post

I think a lot of churches (and businesses) could benefit from this article: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Church Website.

A Post Who’s Success Surprised You

I didn’t realize how popular this post would be.  It started as an email to someone and turned into a blog post: Is the Dinar a Good Investment?

A Post You Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

I wrote this article soon after starting Faith and Finance and think that it might have been forgotten in the archives: Do You Have A Financial Snapshot?

The Post You Are Most Proud Of

It took me a while to put this post together and I’m glad I did.  I love reading through the book of Proverbs and enjoyed writing: 101 Biblical Proverbs About Money


My 5 Nominations:

Free Money Wisdom

Personal Finance By The Book

Faithful With a Few

Money Crush

Afford Anything


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