Will Smith’s Ex-Wife Sheree Is Now Married to a Preacher and On a Vh1 Show

Will Smith’s Ex-Wife Sheree Is Now Married to a Preacher and On a Vh1 Show July 2, 2012

The new Vh1 show Hollywood Exes is kind of like The First Wives Club meets The Real Housewives. Five women who are all divorced from famous men meet up in LA for general reality show fare. The five women are Mayte Garcia (who was married to Prince and engaged to Tommy Lee), Nicole Murphy (ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, now engaged to Michael Strahan), Andrea Kelly (ex-wife of Robert Kelly), Jessica Canseco (ex-wife of Jose Canseco), and – the person who is most relevant to this blog right now, Sheree Fletcher.

Sheree was married to Will Smith for a few years and is the mother of his oldest son, Trey, who is now 19. They have a good relationship, and she’s now remarried to Terrell Fletcher, a former football star who is now a pastor. Because she’s a pastor’s wife and doesn’t drink or smoke, Sheree has become the unofficial mom of the group. She also insists on leading a prayer before meals and occasionally witnessing to the other Exes. In particular, Sheree has set her sights on Jessica. Jessica is somewhat of a wild child – she drinks, doffs her clothes, talks about hooking up and experimenting sexually, and even got a vaginal rejuvenation procedure on camera in the pilot episode. In last week’s episode, after Jessica talked about her experience hooking up with a woman, Sheree shook her head and said, “Jessica needs Jesus.” Considering that the previews show a future episode where Jessica runs around topless, I’m not sure that storyline will go anywhere. But I’ll be watching, obviously.

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  • Lookingforblessedhomes

    I am sorry that Mrs. Fletcher is on such a show. For someone who doesn’t drink, there are several scenes with her holding and drinking wine. She even went to a club. She says “hell naw” in one scene and has to be bleeped out when using a word to describe “going down” on a woman. Her behavior is deplorable for one who is supposed to be a preacher’s wife.

    • Lookingforblessedhomes

      One last thing… if you have a product called “whoop ash”, come on! Everyone knows you are saying woop ass and the pun is not becoming of a first lady of a church. what are they teaching in their church? Ridiculous

      • Pepper’s Mama

        @Lookingforblessedhomes…Wow, you are the picture of the person that has turned so many people off from Christ and the church. I used to be you so I know what I am talking about. Just love on people and allow the Holy Spirit to do the changing. From your comments, it’s clear that you need to sit still and allow the Holy Spirit to work and change you. Take it to heart…I say this in love, not in malice.

  • Jesusfirst

    Right, I agree with the last post. As a christian and follower of christ myself, I will tell you that I
    am the biggest sinner. I am glad Jesus accepts me the way that I am and is working to create in
    me a clean heart and will not leave me dirty. People aren’t perfect. As a christian, people expect you to be. None of us will never be worthy, that’s why jesus went to the cross. If you’re counting
    on man, you will never get there. We are just people trying to love jesus. Let the Holy Spirit, take
    control and stop judging peoples lives and talking about one another. We all have something we need to be working on. But GOD will deal with it in his time.

    The bible does not say you can’t have a drink, it say’s don’t get drunk.
    deal with it, leave all the consequences to GOD.

    • mmrie6905

      The bible does say to stay away from all appearances of evil and unfortunatley this day and age – drinking is an appearance of evil. Just ask around – most people will tell you that if you are claiming to be a Christian – not just by name but really trying to live right – if someone sees you drinking a beer or vodka or wine cooler – they’re gonna think “yeah right!”.

      • Anon

        Marie is right. Amen to that. Let’s keep it real.

  • Starrflex20042000

    I just think will’s ex doesnt fit. I would hate to see her come out of character, meaning act unlike a Christian by getting into fights or cursing or talking bad about someone, on TV. Everone in those shows do say the cameras make you want to act out.

    • Vitolo77

      Bro relax stop being anti- Christian she has the right to be on TV like the others just because she’s not wilding out like a little devil it Doesn’t mean people dont like her character I like it so keep ur stupid comment ok

  • pam

    Will’s ex wife should no tb eon the show. If the show is renewed theb she needs to go and replaced by another ex wife…

  • Silent

    I am so happy that you found real love Sheree and you did a good job at it might I add.

  • Kitty

    She is way too snobby & she is obviously jealous of all the other girls her holy bs is a joke and she always covers her body because she is in bad shape compared to all the other ladies!!!

  • tanyas

    Sheree has never said she didn’t drink, where did they get that from? I don’t know why people think because your saved and you live by the word that you don’t drink. Excuse me but drinking alcohol is not a sin, abusing it and becoming a drunk is. She is doing neither of those things. Get your facts correct boo boo’s before you begin speaking on things you know nothing about. And Sheree has a nice body, she has no stomach and has a booty. “scene where they were trying on clothes) You uphold a certain status when your married to a preacher and when you decide to give your life over to God. She is right to not where clothes that have her boobs falling out or her dress so tight her ass is about to bust out. It’s called dressing respectively, which is what she does. People who have no shame, don’t care about living right, don’t love God, and have no respect for themselves or their body will dress with all they’re assests on display