Zach Bates Is Engaged!

Zach Bates Is Engaged! September 27, 2013

Man, has it been a busy fall for relationships with kids from huge reality TV families! Jessa Duggar is the first Duggar daughter to enter courtship, which means she should be getting engaged fairly soon unless something major happens, and Erin Bates and Chad Paine are getting hitched in November. But Erin isn’t the only Bates kid settling down – her brother Zach Bates just proposed to his girlfriend Whitney.

As is typical with the Bates clan, mom Kelly Bates announced the big news on the family blog. The big proposal happened on the beach in Orlando with both sets of parents looking on.

Although the Bates family is very religious, they seem to be much more open-minded than the Duggars. Whitney and Zach met like any other couple – he flirted with her while she was at her waitressing job! Though Whitney now solely wears skirts and dresses, she used to wear pants and grew up in a more secular family. (Yes, “used to wear pants” is what passes for liberal around these fundamentalists, but hey.)

Cheers to the couple, and let’s wait and see if their eventual wedding ends up on TV.

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