Scientologist Actor Johnny Lewis In Possible Murder-Suicide

Scientologist Actor Johnny Lewis In Possible Murder-Suicide September 28, 2012

Former Sons of Anarchy and The OC actor (and also former Katy Perry boyfriend) Johnny Lewis is currently at the center of a big Hollywood scandal. The actor is believed to have murdered his landlady and her cat before either committing suicide or falling to his death. Lewis was known for having drug problems, and he went through Scientology’s Narconon program at the request of his parents, Michael and Divona Lewis. The Lewises are longtime committed Scientologists who have both reached level OT-8, the same level as Tom Cruise. Johnny was still considered an active Scientologist at the time of his death, despite the fact that the church is strongly anti-drugs.

There are rumors that Katy’s song “Circle the Drain,” with lyrics about not wanting to stay in a relationship with someone who had addiction issues (“You fall asleep during foreplay/because the pills you take are more your forte”), is about Lewis. Listen and decide for yourself:

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