Swastika, Stars and Bars Hang from Same Pole: Christians Must Resist Racism and its Symbols

Swastika, Stars and Bars Hang from Same Pole: Christians Must Resist Racism and its Symbols August 10, 2018

To mark the one-year anniversary of a reprehensible rally in Charlottesville, Va., that killed one and wounded dozens, white supremacist groups are gathering in Washington, D.C to spew even more hate.

Organizers have changed at least one strategy since last year’s bloodshed. This time, white supremacist organizers will not allow members to carry the Nazi flag. Only the Confederate and American flags will be permitted. As a Southerner, this sent a chill down my spine.

Alt-Right Marches with Swastika and Confederate Flag

As they march on Sunday, we must remember two important things.

First, Swastika or no: this is a deeply anti-Semitic movement. Last year, young white men carrying torches chanted “Jews will not replace us” outside a Charlottesville synagogue. Violence against the Jewish community has risen under a President who equates Nazis who marched in Charlottesville with counter protestors.

Second, Unite the Right organizers observe that the Confederate flag offends fewer Americans than the Nazi flag and they may be right. White Americans do not know their own history.

The Stars and Bars flag flown by white supremacist groups was never the official flag of the Confederacy. It was the battle flag of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. In 1948, it was chosen to represent the newly formed States Rights Democratic or “Dixiecrat” Party formed by segregationists to maintain Jim Crow laws in the face of possible intervention by the federal government. In 1956, my home state of Georgia adopted its version of the flag in defiance of the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of school desegregation. The flag has always promoted white supremacy.

The so called “Alt-Right” calculates that Americans find it easy to see Germany’s failure but not our own. We white Americans prefer instead to see ourselves as heroes who liberated Europe from tyranny. Our failure to scrutinize our own history is to leave ourselves open to tyranny here in America. To not know history is to repeat it.

The Nazi flag sought to build an autocratic white supremacist nation on the ideology that Germans were superior. It enshrined this ideology in laws that deprived all others of their rights, their humanity, eventually their lives. Nazi’s were inspired by our racist legal system.

The Confederate flag also sought to enshrine white superiority and the institution of slavery in the form of Jim Crow laws which prevented blacks from benefiting from freedom of movement, equal protection under the law, equal access to education, the right to vote. While Jim Crow laws were struck down in my father’s generation, today they continue under a host of new laws meant to enforce white power. What Michelle Alexander and others call   a “new Jim Crow” is a broken criminal justice system, schools re-segregated after legislative changes in the eighties, the passage of voting restrictions meant to disenfranchise people of color, police brutality, and wage gaps.

As we watch the Confederate flag fly in front of the White House on Sunday, we know that despite Alt-Right smoke and mirrors the Nazi flag hangs right there alongside of it in history.

I say this as one who loves being a Southerner. The same flag I condemn today hung above the crib of my baby brother because my dad was a proud Southerner and “the colors looked nice.” And for them, and many southerners, all that they mean by it is being proud of their home. But this flag intends nothing less than the subjugation and destruction of black, brown and Jewish bodies. The flag is our shame, not our pride. We must educate ourselves and our children about its history. We must not glory in our shame.


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  • kcwookie

    Sorry, these flags are just the symbols of the coming Theocracy. Christians have already lost. They had decades to make this right, but they didn’t. The boat has already sailed and Christians are at the helm. We are going to get the bigotry we deserve. The last church I attended the pastor spoke more about gays and Muslims instead of love and treating others as you want to be treated. This goofball wasn’t even aware of the large numbers of people without insurance/affordable access to healthcare. The congragation ate it up. It was so bad that he told me he was asked if liberals were even welcome. That is the church.

  • Nimblewill

    You can have that flag,
    It ain’t mine
    You could take ever one of ’em down
    and I’d be fine.
    Those stars and bars never set men free
    and a battle flag is all it’ll ever be.

    My Southern Christian view about the confederate flag. The irony is that you being anti-Christian seems to be OK! The real Church worships a Savior who came to earth as a brown, Jewish man. Anyone else is not the Church.

  • kcwookie

    Lovely one off sentiment.

  • Nimblewill

    No! I believe there are many followers of Jesus who love others unconditionally and are doing things to prevent division.

  • Barros Serrano

    That is the church so many of us oppose, and are then called “anti-Christian”.

    Nope, Christianity per se is not the problem. The rightwing nominally “Christian” churches in this country are!

  • Brandon Roberts

    these flags are stupid.

  • Ocelot Aardvark

    NO! that is NOT the true church. That is the Harlot of Babylon church, from which Christ, through his Apostle John, commands us to:
    “Come out of her my people, lest ye partake of her sins and her plagues.” – Revelation 18:4

  • kcwookie

    Just like the Methodists, Episcopalians, and the Presbyterians?

  • kcwookie

    Really, it seems that the majority of Methodist, Episcopalians, and the Presbyterians disagree with you.

  • Ocelot Aardvark

    If any of those denominations, including Catholic, Baptist, Lutherans, Adventists, etc. supported, defend, condone and/or worship
    TЯ卐m₽ >–> the Beast, then helped get him elected, then they have chosen the Beast instead of Christ. They have lost their candlestick (Revelation chapters 1 through 3) and are become the Harlot of Babylon (Revelation chapter 17).