“This Book Changed My Life”

“This Book Changed My Life” July 1, 2014

Every once in a while the Holy Spirit allows me a glance at how he’s using my work to touch the hearts of his people.  It’s always humbling and I’m always truly grateful for the experience.  Earlier today, I came across a post by Molly Milroy of Ignitum Today titled, “Five Books That Changed My Life”  I was genuinely blessed to find my book, The Life God Wants You To Have:  Discovering the Divine Plan When Human Plans Fail listed among the titles that significantly impacted her life for the better.

When I was going through yet another episode of ‘What am I supposed to do with my life?’ a dear friend recommended Dr. Popcak. I looked him up, researched his material and stumbled upon this book. There are probably thousands of books out there designed to discover your purpose in life. I’ve probably read a dozen or more of them. But this is the number one that I recommend. And it’s not a guide as to jotting down your passions and finding work that collides with said passions. It’s more of a journey into your own heart, your past, your childhood loves to unveil what is probably right before your eyes.  Read More

I’m especially touched by her recommendation since this is the second time in about a month that someone shared what a blessing this book was to them.  Depressed & Catholic had this to say about The Life God Wants You to Have

Does God care at all? What am I doing?   …You get the picture. I’m sure you’ve had the same kind of questions about the same or different things.

The Life God Wants You to Have addresses all of these questions and more with scripture, practical psychology, case examples representative of a wide variety of life situations, and ample humor. It is also very easy to read, no hifalutin theology or display of psychological prowess. There isn’t even a polka dot of professional patronizing. This guy is real.

I’m truly grateful for these brave bloggers for their willingness to share their struggles and I’m deeply touched that God has used my work in at least some small way to help them discover his path forward.  I’m thankful for their witness.  I’ll be keeping them–and other good folks like them–in my prayers as they continue on their journey.    I hope you will too.

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